An important goal of the University of Maine at Fort Kent is to invest in its human resources.  Therefore, the University has committed to provide financial assistance and support for the development of salaried staff members.  These funds will be available for the fiscal year beginning July 1 and ending June 30.  The funds allocated for this purpose shall be used to supplement any regularly budgeted amounts for staff development and related expenses.  A request may be fully funded, partially funded or not funded depending on limits stated below.  All proposals will be reviewed by a three member (with one alternate) Salaried Staff Development Fund Committee comprised of members of the Salaried Staff. All members shall volunteer for membership. The names will be placed on a ballot and the four members will be voted in by the Salaried Staff. The Chair of the Salaried Staff Development Fund Committee will then be chosen among the new members of the committee and will be voted in by the members of the Development Fund Committee. All positions will be for a one year term. Any member may, however, volunteer for consecutive terms. Activities which will be considered for funding will be compatible with the University’s Mission Statement and with the objectives of the “Strategic Plan.”  These include:

1.   Participation in meetings, symposiums, seminars, or other conferences;
2.   Research, study, training, or experience relevant to the salaried staff member’s assigned University responsibilities;
3.   After application deadline funds remaining may be spent on professional staff development activities benefiting the group as a whole.

** Does not cover undergraduate or graduate courses, unless recommended by the supervisor.1

Funding will be considered for one event outside of Maine that includes airfare per fiscal year per individual.  Requests from an individual for more than one event during the fiscal year within the state of Maine will be considered on an individual basis.

Allocation Guidelines for Salaried Staff Development Funds 

80% of available funding shall be set aside for salaried development fund requests that are submitted from July 1 through March 15 of the fiscal year.  The remaining 20% of the funding shall be allocated for salaried development fund requests from March 16 through June 30 of that fiscal year.  The Salaried Staff Development Fund Committee shall have the discretion to adjust these dates and amounts as the need arises.  All requests must be received by April 30 of the fiscal year.

Application Procedure for Salaried Staff Development Funds 

Any full-time or part-time regular salaried staff member may apply for financial support from the Salaried Development Fund Committee. The applicant must submit the completed salaried development fund application form to the Chair of the Salaried Staff Development Fund Committee.  The Salaried Development Fund Application form can be found in the My.UMFK Portal, under the forms and documents menu> Campus Forms and Documents, in the Human Resources Folder. The application is fillable PDF with the title, “Salaried Employees Staff Development Fund Application”.  Applications should be submitted at least one month before funds need to be allocated.  The Chair shall then assemble the Salaried Staff Development Fund Committee to review the application. At this time, the applicant may (at his/her discretion) present his/her application with any justifications as to why funding is needed before the 3 members of the Salaried Staff Development Fund Committee.  If the Development Fund Committee approves the application, the application will then be forwarded to the campus President for final approval/disapproval. The campus President will then notify the applicant, in writing, of his decision. All approved applicants must report any cancellation or change of plans to the Chair of the Salaried Staff Development Fund Committee as soon as possible.  Any returned or remaining funds shall be returned to the Salaried Development Fund and will be available for other applicants.


1. The salaried development fund committee will consider the approval of requests pertaining to funding undergraduate and graduate courses based on the recommendation of their supervisor.  Their supervisor must recommend that they take the specific course to better perform their assigned job duties.  The committee will not approve requests submitted for the sole purpose of attaining an advanced degree.