Purpose: To outline the goals and objectives of the Curriculum Collection and delineate the scope of the collection.   


I.   Introduction   

The Blake Library Collection Development Policy provides guidelines for acquiring materials collection-wide. The collection as a whole is primarily intended to support the curricula of UMFK programs. The Curriculum Collection Development Policy addresses the needs of the Education Program in particular.                          

II.   UMFK Community                          

A. Faculty: The Curriculum Collection provides education faculty with resources for their class preparation.                          

B. Students: Education students, a sizable proportion of the UMFK student population, use the Curriculum Center for their assignments and preparation for student teaching.                         

C. St. John Valley Community: Educators in the area may use the collections for their class preparation needs and personal development. UMFK provides this resource to them in a spirit of outreach to the educators, and ultimately for the benefit of their students.                          

III.    Priorities and Limitations                            

A. Duplication: The Library endeavors to avoid duplication of materials, except in rare cases of high demand.                          

B. Donations and Gifts: Donations and gifts are always welcome by the Library staff, and will be accepted into the Education and Curriculum Center collections insofar as they are within the scope of this collection.                           

C. Controversial Material: The Library adheres to the principles set forth in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, particularly as they apply to censorship (Appendix I). Materials will not be refused on the basis of controversial content, but instead will be selected within the context of patrons’ needs and the collection’s parameters. The Library does not endorse the views of the material it holds, but allows patrons to determine the worthiness of those materials for their own particular usage.    

The Collection                         

I.   Scope of the Collection                          

A. Subject Matter: Materials will be collected to support curriculum development for elementary and secondary education. Curriculum materials will be collected to align with the academic offerings of the Education Program.

B. Language: The Library will primarily collect English language materials. With some emphasis placed on French in support of the French Education Program.                           

C. Geographic Area: The focus of this collection is on the standards, tradition and practice of education in the United States. Materials published in other countries, particularly Canada, will be selectively collected.                          

D. Related Materials: The library also provides access to educational theory and history collection as well as a young adult and juvenile materials.                            

II.   Collection Formats    

The library will collect materials in a variety of formats. The forms the library will accept include, but are not limited to:                          

     1. Print materials, including Reference materials
     2. Audio-visual materials                        
     3. Kits and manipulatives                        
     4. Periodicals                       
     5. Electronic                      


I.   Administration   

The Library is responsible for managing and collecting for the Curriculum Center collections with active participation from appropriate faculty members.                          

II.   Budget   

The Library does not have a separate budget for the curriculum collection. All purchases are made from the Library’s materials budget.                               

III.   Circulation                          

A. Community Borrowers and Students: have a loan period of one week with a one week renewal.                          

B. Faculty and Staff: have a loan period of one semester with no renewals.                          

C. No materials in this category may be requested online through URSUS. Other libraries may request these materials through interlibrary loan.