Purpose: To outline the scope of the creation of library accounts at Blake Library  


I.   Introduction   Blake Library’s primary goal is to support the UMFK mission and in so doing provides access to its materials through library accounts. In addition, staff offers its library services to the Saint John Valley community.

Accounts are given freely to the Saint John Valley communities which include both sides of the United States and Canadian border.                         

II. Campus Patrons                          

A. Library accounts are downloaded automatically from the registrar’s system.                          

B. Blake Library staff works with Student Services to ensure campus patron barcodes are entered into the library system.                            

C. Student, faculty, and staff identification cards are used as library cards.  

D. Library account also allow faculty, staff, and student’s access to university databases from off campus and the ability to request materials online.                          

III.   Community Patrons                          

A. The community includes the Saint John Valley on both sides of the U.S. and Canadian border.                           

B. Library accounts and cards are manually created at the library.                           

C. Library accounts give patrons the ability to check materials out and to request materials online.                          

D. Community patrons do not have access to the university databases from home.                            

E. Children ages 0-13 need the signature of a parent or guardian to have a library card.      

F. Identification and/or proof of residence is required.                      

IV.   Short-term Community Patrons                          

A. People who are visiting in the Fort Kent area may apply for a free short-term library account and card.                          

B. Identification and contact information are required.                          

C. The account will expire during the last week of patron’s visit.                            

D. Materials checked out will not be available beyond the expiration date of the account.