In Independent Study, with the supervision and guidance of a faculty sponsor, a student develops a research project, field study, practicum, or special readings proposal which centers on an area of study not included in the regular course sequences. Independent Study is never a substitute for a course or for a course not successfully completed. Credit for the proposal must be recommended by the faculty sponsor at the time the study is presented by the student. Credit will vary between one semester hour and four semester hours. A student may enroll for one course of independent study at a time with a maximum of 20 hours applicable towards a baccalaureate degree.

Independent Study presupposes a developed competency and maturity; consequently, participation in the program is restricted to students who have accrued a cumulative point average of 2.5 or a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the student’s major. A student who does not meet the qualifying criteria, but develops a proposal which merits Independent Study status, should consult with a prospective faculty sponsor to assess the possibilities for successful completion of the project.

Procedures to be followed are:

  1. The interested student completes the Independent Study Form available from the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Measurable objectives, work to be completed, and methods of evaluation must be included.
  2. The student reviews the proposal with a faculty sponsor.
  3. With the agreement of the faculty sponsor, the proposal is submitted to the Division Chair for approval.