The University of Maine at Fort Kent welcomes education in all its forms. UMFK recognizes that students from varied academic backgrounds contribute to the diversity of education sought after by our institution.    

Home Schooling is, and has been, an important medium for some high school level students. Applications into our degree programs are welcome from home schooled students.    

The information that follows describes our policy regarding the admission of home schooled students who wish to apply to the University of Maine at Fort Kent. In addition to a complete application form, the home schooled student submits:

  1. Transcripts from a home school agency (if applicable).
  2. Standardized Test Scores: Any ONE of the following are acceptable: SAT recommended combined score of 1350; ACT recommended total score of 18; or GED passing.
  3. Literature describing the home school agency you are affiliated with (if applicable).
  4. Please indicate on your admissions application whether your home schooled experience was correspondence school based, parent/student designed, unschooled/non-curriculum based or a combination.
  5. Letters of recommendation (you can remove the “Counselor Recommendation Form” included with the application).
  6. A portfolio representing academic and research endeavors may be required.
  7. A personal interview may be requested by the Admissions Office.    

Please contact the Admissions Office at 1-888-TRY-UMFK if you have questions regarding our Home Schooled Policy.