New position responsibility document goes into effect outlining expectations of the division chair. Each summer on or before July 30 the Vice President for Academic Affairs will meet individually with each division chair and discuss performance relative to the new criteria (see below).

Clarification of Division Chair Responsibilities during the Academic Year

Broadly Defined Responsibilities: Governance

  1. Provide competent representation for the division within the divisional structure and with the broader university administrative structure
  2. Work with university administration and other division chairs to provide responsible divisional leadership within the context of good university governance, in accordance with broader university priorities
  3. Serve as the chief institutional representative of the division
  4. Provide vision and leadership for the division and divisional faculty and staff
  5. Encourage and support the divisions’ role in maintaining and supporting institutional effectiveness, learning assessment and appropriate accreditations
  6. Promote an ethnically diverse and ethnically conscious division faculty, staff and student population
  7. Serve as a model of high performance
  8. Serve as a strong, articulate advocate for the division within the university structure and beyond
  9. Provide leadership for other concerns which arise and are referred to the chair by the vice president for academic affairs or the president

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Administer the division’s fiscal resources
  2. Administer the division’s academic program review
  3. Administer the division’s academic advising
  4. Administer and participate in the division’s student retention activities
  5. Facilitate and participate in the dispute resolution process where appropriate
  6. Keep accurate and detailed notes as required, pertaining to disputes and/or issues in the division
  7. Prepare, in coordination with the other division chairs, a responsible and equitable course schedule prior to each semester, as administratively appropriate
  8. Supervise classified staff, adjuncts (and others) where appropriate
  9. Select, in consultation with the respective division, adjunct faculty and make corresponding course/teaching assignments
  10. Present personnel, curricular, operating expense and facility needs to the vice president for academic affairs in a timely and responsible fashion
  11. Complete in a timely and responsible fashion, in consultation and coordination with divisional (and other relevant) faculty, all reports and documents required by the administration, state, NEASC and other agencies as appropriate
  12. Chair regularly scheduled divisional meetings