This is provided as a working summary only.  Collective Bargaining Agreements, UMS Administrative Practice Letters and Board of Trustees policies are the controlling documents in all compensation matters and should be consulted for further information. 

I. Academic Instructional Compensation

A. Regular Faculty Overload compensation for credits over normal 12 cr. load 

Lab courses taught as an overload receive additional compensation at the rate of .5 credits per hour in the lab.  1 credit Chem lab of 3 hours is compensated as (3 hr lab x .5 credit = 1.5 credits).

B. Part-time Faculty Divisional faculty evaluate qualifications & credentials of all new part time instructors/faculty before hire or before the end of the part-time faculty member’s first semester of employment. Compensation follows PATFA contract for all part-time faculty (see exclusions below.) Use part-time unit credit hour rates (fall & spring only) Lab courses use credit hour or lab hour rate Assignments must be offered to qualified individuals on the basis of service lists and availability forms before courses are offered to individuals not on the lists! Chairs are strongly urged to review PATFA contract articles 10-14 regarding seniority lists, availability forms, assignments, cancellations, and workload.

C. Excluded Employees Unsalaried faculty; aides; persons teaching non-credit courses or programs; summer session faculty; student teaching & other clinical supervisors employed by the institution in which the supervision is given; all full-time regular UMS employees, all part-time non-instructional UMS employees,* and students teaching within their discipline are excluded from the part-time faculty unit (PATFA). No seniority list, use non-represented compensation rate.  Lab courses use credit hour or lab hour rate Employment eligibility verification (I-9 form) is required of all instructors within three days of initial employment (first class session).

* Full- or part-time non-instructional employees teaching during normal work hours or teaching more than one course per semester require approval from their supervisor prior to accepting teaching assignments. If additional compensation is awarded for such assignments (such as a teaching contract), all work performed for the contract is to be accomplished in addition to regular job duties and responsibilities and is generally to be performed outside of normal work hours or utilizing flex-time, comp time, paid or unpaid leave as approved in advance by the supervisor.

II. Non-Instructional Compensation

A. Stipends/Additional Compensation Current employees performing additional duties (within or outside of usual job duties) for a specified period of time. Awards must comply with BOT policies and relevant collective bargaining agreements. Requests should be made to VP indicating duties, recommended compensation, and time period. If approved the award letter will be issued by VP or HR office as appropriate.

B. Personal Service Contracts (see APL) appropriate for individuals who provide professional advice (Consultants) or render a service (Independent Contractors) provided that certain conditions are met. Failure to meet the appropriate conditions is a violation of IRS codes and can result in substantial penalties because such individuals are not considered university employees so taxes are not withheld. Typical academic uses are for student teacher mentors and other clinical supervisors employed by the institution in which the supervision is given and for guest lecturers. The only time a personal service contract is appropriate for a University employee is for guest lecturer/honoraria compensation. CFO or designee must approve personal service contracts.

C. Temporary Employment Contracts Must be used when independent contractor/consultant conditions are not met. Require a position authorization form and job description (authorization form must indicate length of appointment, compensation, and account information) Appointment length is typically 6 months or less but may be up to one year. Such employees are not eligible for benefits or union representation and a search is not required. Contracts will be issued by Human Resources office after appropriate approval. Employment eligibility verification (I-9 form) is required of all employees within three days of initial employment. Under no circumstances are individuals to be working/teaching without a signed instructional/ personal service/temporary employment contract. 

Under no circumstances are supervisors/division chairs/administrators to make employment decisions (hire, evaluate, discipline) or approve contracts or stipends for blood relatives.

Please call the Human Resources Offices with questions or for additional assistance.