Campus and Classroom Civility

Membership in the UMFK community comes with it an obligation on all members to maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to effective teaching and learning.  It is the responsibility of each member of the UMFK community to conduct themselves in a manner that preserves a positive and respectful living and learning environment that is free of uncivil, disruptive behavior that is detrimental to the intellectual, social and emotional growth and well-being of others.   Individual classroom norms and expectations can be found on the  class syllabus.  In general, the following are examples of behaviors that are disruptive to the learning environment and should be avoided. 

  • Offensive or lewd language, dress, or action
  • Disrespect towards the professor, other students and speakers
  • Not paying attention, sleeping in class, or doing work for another class
  • Use of or ringing of cell phones, beepers, earphones, text messaging, etc.
  • Tardiness or leaving class while still in session