Alcoholic Beverages (use of)Federal law requires that UMFK uphold and strictly enforce federal and state alcohol and drug laws or lose all federal funding, including student financial aid.  Part of the requirement is that you receive your personal copy of the University Alcohol and Drug Policy.  We are also required to explain that alcohol and drug use is harmful and has health risks.  You will find several workshops available during the year to help you understand these risks.  We are also required to tell you what help is available for combating drug and alcohol problems.  Some of this will be available through the workshops; other help is available through personal counseling. 

For those who are not of legal drinking age (minors) the following regulations apply:

The consumption of alcoholic beverages and the possession thereof, by individuals under 21 years of age, is illegal in the state of Maine; the University of Maine at Fort Kent recognizes, acknowledges and upholds the law of this state.

Infractions of state alcohol policies will be dealt with in accordance with the University of Maine Conduct Code and Maine state laws.

Any student not of legal drinking age who causes disruption of any kind because of intoxication shall be required to attend a meeting with the Director of Student Affairs to discuss formal disciplinary proceedings. 

For those who are of legal drinking age the following regulations apply:

Drinking of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in all academic buildings.

Drinking of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in the Student Lounge, Multi-purpose Room, Dining Hall, Sports Center and on Crocker Beach.  Any request for exception to this regulation because of a special event must be approved by the Director of Student Affairs.

Drinking alcoholic beverages in public is prohibited.  This applies to any and all functions open to the public such as entertainment, dances, athletic events and to the out-of-doors on any part of the campus.  This also applies to all entrance ways, corridors and reception areas of the residence halls, and to all “away games” on other campuses.

—Any student of legal drinking age found drinking an alcoholic beverage or seen with an uncapped and/or capped but partly consumed alcoholic beverage on his/her person in the above mentioned areas shall be referred to the appropriate conduct officer.  Even capped and completely full beverages will warrant disciplinary proceedings if an individual flagrantly moves about campus grounds, and/or if there is no evidence of just having entered the residence hall or campus grounds. 

Infractions of these rules will be dealt with in accordance with the University of Maine Student Conduct Code and Maine State Laws.

Any student who causes disruption of any kind while intoxicated shall be subject to a disciplinary proceeding, depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident.  A meeting with the Director of Student Affairs may result in referral for formal disciplinary proceedings. 

Alcoholic Beverages at Social Events

The sponsoring organization must indicate the individuals responsible for checking identification.  The sponsor also acknowledges its responsibility to conduct the social function according to the following guidelines.

Kegs are not permitted.

Nonalcoholic beverages must be available and served free of charge if alcohol is permitted.

Food must be available when there is alcohol at a social function.

— Advertisements for the social function must not contain a reference to the alcohol in the title or in pictures (e.g., “wine and cheese reception”).  Reference to the availability of alcohol may be in the text of the advertisement.

The group sponsoring the function is responsible for checking student identification and will not permit minors to have or consume alcoholic beverages.  After the student’s identification has been verified, all alcoholic beverages must first be placed at a check-in table and will be given to the student only when the empty beverage container is returned.

If guests become intoxicated and/or disruptive, officials of the sponsoring organization must ask them to leave.  For student safety, the sponsor shall also assist any intoxicated student with alternate transportation and report the incident to the Director of Student Affairs.

-The sponsor will hire an off-duty Police Officer from the Fort Kent Police Department at the organization’s cost to insure compliance with state and local laws at the event.

Alcohol is not permitted at any outdoor events.