To maintain full academic standing and matriculant status, a student (full- or part-time) must achieve the following minimum Cumulative Point Averages:           

Up to 29 Attempted Semester Hours                            1.67           30–59 Attempted Semester Hours                                           1.75           60 or more Attempted Semester Hours                                           2.00 

A student (full- or part-time) who fails to achieve the required Cumulative Point Average (CPA) to maintain full academic standing is placed on academic probation for the next semester of full- or part-time enrollment. If, at the end of that semester on probation, the CPA is still below the required minimum, the student’s academic status is reviewed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. For the student who has demonstrated substantial academic improvement, although the CPA remains below the required minimum, academic probation (full- or part-time enrollment) may be extended by the Vice President. For the student who does not show substantial academic improvement during the semester of probation, academic suspension from the University will follow. Readmission into a degree program will not be permitted for one year after academic suspension. Readmission is through the Admissions Office.