Occasionally, a student may have reason to question an academic process or result. In such cases, the following procedure will apply:

  1. The student must discuss the concern with the appropriate faculty member.* If the concern persists,
  2. The student must consult with the division chair/dean of the appropriate division who will attempt to resolve the complaint. Failing this,
  3. The student may request a review of the situation to be made by the President/Provost. All parties are expected to adhere to the final decision.

The foregoing steps should be made in order of progression and all information, recommendations, and decisions must be made IN WRITING and made available to the next level of review. Maximum efforts and attempts should be exerted toward resolution of concerns without the necessity of review. 

*Early college and concurrent enrollment students may choose to seek the support of the Dean of Community Education to assist them in bringing their concern forward.