The University and its faculty are firmly committed to regular classroom attendance.  Students do better in those courses where they maintain regular attendance.  Each professor will specify an attendance and absence policy (“cut” policy) as part of the written syllabus you receive at the beginning of the course.  If, for any reason, you seek an excused absence from class(es), you must obtain excused status in advance, whenever possible, from the professor(s) of the class(es), find out your obligations and schedule whatever makeup work is necessary.  In an emergency, you may obtain an excused absence directly from the Director of Student Affairs.  This requires a personal contact with the director or his/her designee.  This is the only way to obtain an excused absence other than one granted by the faculty member(s) involved. If it is not possible to speak to the professor(s) before the absence, you must, within a day or two of your return to campus, carry out the consultation(s) with the professor(s) of your course(s).  If you cannot contact your professor(s), you should seek out the Director of Student Affairs.  It is your responsibility to set up the conferences, be familiar with the professor(s’) specified procedure for makeup work and to meet the obligations and deadlines established by the professor. The Director of Student Affairs will excuse the following absences.  All other absences fall within the professor’s cut policy and the opportunity to make up work is at the professor’s discretion.  A death in the immediate family, Hospitalization, Medical reasons outlined and verified by a physician,—  Scheduled employment interviews verified by employer in question, Other emergency situations directly concerning a student and/or his/her immediate family, Participation in University-related, University-sanctioned and/or University-sponsored or approved functions or activities, including but not limited to performing arts and athletic events.