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Student Life

Cyr Hall • University of Maine at Fort Kent • 23 University Drive, Fort Kent, ME 04743

Shuttle Service Policy

The following policy is necessary due to the lack of public transportation in the communities immediately surrounding the University of Maine at Fort Kent. Students, commuter and resident, needing transportation to and from bus stations and/or airports, before and after breaks and/or for emergency trips back home during the semester, are subject to the following guidelines. The office is also not able to make referrals for available drivers outside of the shuttle service.

  1. Any new, incoming student who is arriving to the campus for the first time and who needs to be transported from local bus stations or airports must notify the university in order for arrangements to be made for pick-up. 
  2. Any current student who needs shuttle service to and/or from airports or bus stations for trips home must proceed as follows:
    1. Notify the Office of Student Affairs at least 72 hours prior to departure. Services cannot and will not be provided at the last minute. Contact the Student Affairs office at (207) 834-7587 for more information.
    2. As it is cost effective to coordinate shuttles for several students, a list will be kept of students needing shuttles. Car pooling will result in lower costs to the students.
    3. The Office of Student Affairs will locate a driver and then notify the student of departure times and locations.
    4. The student(s) needing shuttle services will be charged for vehicle use, mileage, and the driver's time according to the following rate chart for shuttle services, although, in the event of inclement weather, additional time may be billed to the student. Please note that the following locations on the chart are the only available shuttles as no arrangements will be made to destinations other than those listed, and we are unable to make pickups off-campus.