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Paw Points

What are Paw Points?

Paw Points are a reward for students who have participated in campus activities throughout the year. Students exchange their Paw Points for raffle tickets to be used in the end of year Student Activities Raffle. Students are given 1 ticket for every 100 Paw Points they earned. The more a student participates, the more they increase their odds of winning.

100 Paw Point Logo is equal to one raffle ticket

How Do I Earn Paw Points?

Students can earn points by attending and participating in designated Paw Points events. At each in-person event there will be an attendance sheet and students must write their name legibly to earn points. At virtual events, students will be instructed on what they need to do to earn paw points. Examples of designated Paw Points events:

  • Student Activities Events
  • Student Activities Board (SAB)
  • Student Senate Events
  • Residence Life Events
  • Campus Speakers
  • And Much More!

Who Can Earn Paw Points?

Any UMFK registered student that is enrolled in a program that pays activities fees is eligible to earn Paw Points.

How Many Paw Points Are Events Worth?

It varies. Paw Points range from 100 to 500 per event. Attending a fun, social event such as an art or craft night is usually worth 100 points. Attending a speaker event is usually worth 400-500 Points. The paw point value for each event is list on our Student Activities Event Calendar.

100 Paw Point Logo
200 Paw Point Logo
300 Paw Point Logo
400 Paw Point Logo
500 Paw Point Logo