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Student Life

Cyr Hall • University of Maine at Fort Kent • 23 University Drive, Fort Kent, ME 04743

Leadership Microbadge

UMFK Leadership Badge ProgramAbout This Microbadge

To help facilitate learning and growth in the UMFK community, Residence Life & Leadership designs and collaborates in initiatives throughout the year that address one of the five themes of the programming model that help guide a student’s personal growth, become acquainted with our university community, develop lifelong friendships, and "S.H.A.P.E." them into productive members of society.

Eligibility & Prerequisites

  • Matriculated UMS student
  • No prerequisites for participation

Delivery Mode

  • In-person & online

Cost to Complete Mircobadge

  • Free/no cost

UMFK Leadership Badge Levels

  • UMFK Leadership Microbadge is offered in three levels. Student participation is tracked through Badgr.
  • To learn more about the criteria to earn a badge, please visit UMFK Leadership Mirobadge Badgr Module.
Bengal Leader Level 1 Badge
Bengal Leader Level 2 Badge
Bengal Leader Level 3 Badge

How Do I Start?

How Do I Document My Progress?

  • The majority of the criteria can be documented by completing the Requirement Submission Form.
  • Some criteria is confirmed from attendance tracking or confirming participation through other staff/departments.

How Do I Find Programs, Events, & Initiatives That Earn Leadership Points?

  • Visit the Campus Calendar consistently and look for any events hosted or co-hosted by Residence Life & Leadership.
  • Confirm that the event is leadership themed or has been assigned a leadership point (depicted in the event description or on the flyer with a leadership badge and its level).

Learning Outcomes, Competencies, & Skills To Be Developed:

  • Define, develop, and build leadership philosophies.
  • Strengthen the confidence, skills, and presence needed as a leader within a community or organization.
  • Develop strategies and competencies for continuous learning including self-awareness, reflective thinking, and relationship development.
  • Learn to execute strategy, explore change, foster innovation, and apply concepts in various areas.
  • Provide students with opportunities to work with each other, to develop leadership and to gain recognition.
  • Assist in community building.

Questions About The UMFK Leadership Microbadge?

If you have any questions about the UMFK Leadership Microbadge, please contact the Director of Student Life & Engagement Heather Mazorow at

What Are The Benefits of A Microbadge

86% of hiring managers indicate that it is “very important” that recent graduates demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge and skills in real-world settings and only 39% think recent graduates are well-prepared to apply skills in real-world settings. Hart Research Associates. Fulfilling the American Dream: Liberal Education and the Future of Work (Washington, D.C.: AAC&U, 2018)

  • Obtain a valued UMS credential.
  • Makes your competencies visible, beyond what is seen on a transcript or resumé.
  • Demonstrate skills in real-world settings.
  • Upskill for greater marketability.
  • Gain work experience and received valuable performance feedback.
  • Differentiate yourself and stand out to employers.
  • Better articulate the skills you developed to potential employers.
  • Enhances your digital identity.
  • Share your badges and be recognized!

All badges can be shared on social media and professional sites, such as LinkedIn as well as on your website, e-portfolio, or resume!

Each UMS micro-credential is designed to take a learner from foundational knowledge and rigorous training, to application in a real-world work-setting. You can earn three levels of badges taking you from foundational learning to application of that learning. When you earn the final stacked macro-badge in your pathway you have earned the UMS micro-credential.

Learn About Other UMS Microbadges

Students can learn about the other Microbadges offered by the University of Maine System on the UMS Microbadge Badgr Modules.