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Student Employment

Student Positions & Pay Ranges

Pay Levels for Student Work Study Positions (effective January 1, 2018)

The chart below is based on the Maine State Minimum wage of $10.00 effective 1/1/2018.

Pay Level I


Pay Level II


Pay Level III


Pay Level IV


Work Study: Level I

These positions require no prerequisite skills. Work is performed under specific instruction and supervision, and becomes routine after the initial training period. The main responsibility is to be on duty in a department which provides on-call services to the university community. The employee is expected to use little independent judgment. Current active jobs in this level are:

  • Financial Aid Office Aide
  • IT Assistant
  • Laborer
  • Library Clerk
  • Student Activities & Diversity Aide
  • Switchboard/Mailroom/Campus Store
  • Web Assistant II -TEST

Work Study: Level II

These positions require the employee to perform complex tasks related to the daily operations and or recordkeeping of a department. Independent judgment and initiative are sometimes exercised, and work may involve coordinating with one or two other students. Current active jobs in this level are:

  • Administrative Aide
  • Audio Visual Supervisor
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Forestry Assistant
  • Greenhouse & Field Assistant
  • Instructor's Aide
  • IT Assistant
  • Laboratory Aide
  • Library Aide Supervisor
  • Library Aide to Technical Services
  • Web Assistant
  • Web Assistant -TEST II

Work Study: Level III

These positions are intended to recognize those students who have gained a higher skill level and specific job knowledge as a result of prior work in a particular area. Employees in this level will be expected to frequently work with little or no direct supervision, exercise a higher level of productivity, initiative, independent judgment, responsibility and discretion than Level II. Current active jobs in this level are:

  • Administrative Aide
  • America Reads Coordinator (and Reading Tutor)
  • Forestry - GIS Technician
  • Instructor's Aide
  • Laboratory Aide
  • Production & Multimedia Technician
  • Research Assistant
  • Video Streamer
  • Web Assistant

Work Study: Level IV

These positions require a high skill level in their respective areas. Employees at this level must have the highest level of professionalism, time management, productivity, independent judgment and responsibility. Current active jobs in this level are:

  • Web Assistant
  • Writing Center Peer Tutor

Department-Funded Positions

These positions are funded by their particular departments. Work study is not required to apply for these positions. Current active jobs in this level are:

  • Ambassador
  • Parking Attendant
  • Student Driver
  • Tutor