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Orientation • Spring 2018

Registration Days: Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it mandatory?

At registration day you will take part in important processes to make sure you are set up correctly to begin classes in September!

You will take placement testing if needed, register for classes, order your books, meet with financial aid and the business office, get your Bengal Badge, and much more!

What do I bring?

Students and parents who will be staying in the residence halls need to bring their own toiletry kits and towels. Bed linens will be provided.

We also encourage students to bring notepads, pens, pencils, and casual clothes.

Where do I stay?

Students and parents attending Registration Days are welcomed to stay in our residence halls. Students stay for free and parents pay only $25 per person, per night. Students will be matched up with other students while parents will be housed in a separate area. If you need on campus housing, please let us know by indicating it on the Registration Days sign up form. Off campus lodging is available for families during orientation at local establishments.

Hotels in the Area

Door Inn
Big M Motel Overlook Motel Maple Leaf
356 W. Main St.
Fort Kent, ME
534 Rue Principale
Clair, NB
E7A 2G9
3232 Aroostook Rd.
Eagle Lake, ME
795 Rue Principale
Clair, NB
E7A 2H5
1-866-834-3133 (506) 992-3440 (207) 444-4535 (506) 992-2120

How do I get there?

You may get directions to UMFK by clicking here and entering your starting point (examples: zip code, street address, or city name & state).

Where do I check-in?

Check-in for Registration Days will be held in Cyr hall. Please look for signs directing you to the correct location. If you are staying the night on campus, please check-in at the front desk of the residence hall you are assigned to for the night.

What about guests?

You are welcome to bring guests to Registration Days. Guests will be able to pay for their own meals if they are interested in attending lunch with you. For further questions about guests please contact Lisa Roy at or 207-834-7513.

What if I have more questions?

If questions arise or you require more information, please contact Lisa Roy at or 207-834-7513.