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Student Affairs

Shuttle Service

UMFK offers shuttle services for students who arrive at local transportation depots. We need 72 hours advance notice! Click here for other policies related to shuttle services.

Shuttle Service Charges (One-way Fees)

Destination Mileage Fee Vehicle Fee Driver's Fee * Total
Edmundston Bus Station 26 mi. @ .44/mi. $5.00 1.5 hrs. @ $10.00/hr. $31.44
Caribou Bus Station 45 mi. @ .44/mi. $5.00 2 hrs. @ $10.00/hr. $44.80
Presque Isle Airport 60 mi. @ .44/mi. $5.00 3 hrs. @ $10.00/hr. $61.40

Any questions pertaining to shuttles can be directed to the Office of Student Affairs at (207) 834-7513.