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About UMFK

University of Maine at Fort Kent • 23 University Drive, Fort Kent, ME 04743

2003-2008 Strategic Plan: Core Values

The University of Maine at Fort Kent is guided by a commitment to excellence, which is embodied in the following set of core values the University strives to exemplify and uphold.


UMFK values a dynamic intellectual learning community whereby learners can be prepared holistically for academic and social success in a global environment. We foster this value through:

  • Accessible education; 
  • A firm grounding in the liberal arts; 
  • Innovative high-quality programs; 
  • Quality teaching, scholarly endeavors, and pertinent research; 
  • Learning strategies that promote critical, creative and ethical thinking; 
  • Student-centered education; 
  • Cutting edge information technology. 

"The Person"

UMFK values the individual and encourages the personal, intellectual and professional development of its students, faculty, and staff. As a small campus we:

  • Provide personalized quality advising to all students; 
  • Maintain an optimum faculty student ratio in the range of 1:15 to 1:20; 
  • Celebrate and foster initiatives related to professional development and success; 
  • Foster professionalism, accountability, leadership, and citizenry; 
  • Promote diversity and social awareness. 


UMFK values the physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness for the UMFK campus and the surrounding community. We are committed to:

  • Providing preventative and health promotion services; 
  • Promoting wellness education and athletic programming that optimize the overall health of our community and members. 


UMFK values the familial atmosphere of its local community, as well as the rural and natural environment of the St. John Valley. The community supports:

  • An emphasis on personal service; 
  • Integrating learning experiences that are influenced by the rural and natural region; 
  • Cultivating environmental stewardship; 
  • Providing a safe, clean, and pleasant community environment in which to learn and work. 


UMFK values its membership in a diverse, multi-national community. Our campus is dedicated to:

  • Offering educational programming and outreach to serve the community; 
  • Establishing cooperative partnerships and collaborative relationships; 
  • Supporting life-long learners; 
  • Cultivating the region's economic and entrepreneurial development. 


UMFK values the diversity of individuals, experiences, ideas, beliefs, and world cultures, including their traditions and arts. Based on this belief we:

  • Cultivate respect for human differences; 
  • Serve as a center for the visual and performing arts for both the campus and the surrounding communities; 
  • Foster an atmosphere for research and academic programming focused on the unique French-Acadian heritage of the greater St. John Valley and traditions of the peoples of the world; 
  • Pursue recruitment of a diverse faculty, staff, and student body.