Rural Public Safety Administration

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Mission & Vision Statements

Vision Statement

The Rural Public Safety Administration program at UMFK offers a liberal arts education with an emphasis in public administration, management and public safety. The degree program is designed to prepare students academically with professional skills to seek employment or advancement in public service, governmental and nongovernmental management and public safety, including law enforcement and the criminal justice system at the federal, state, regional and local levels.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Rural Public Safety Administration program at UMFK is to develop students as liberally-educated citizens, life-long learners in a changing world, and proficient public administrators.

Program Description/Goals

The Rural Public Safety Administration major provides a liberal arts/public management background for students interested in starting a career in public service and public safety administration. The major is interdisciplinary and has as its core 30 hours of coursework devoted to identifying, investigating, and understanding public safety issues including an applied component of internship. Parts of the program are a collaborative partnership between UMFK, the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, the Maine Emergency Management Agency, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

To gain a competitive edge in the law enforcement field, it is recommended that a student earn the Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice prior to entering the Bachelor’s degree program. All credits earned in the Associate’s degree program will count toward the Bachelor’s degree.