Brief Biography

I chose UMFK for the small campus atmosphere, affordable tuition, and to get my degree in a location that could provide the best experience while at school.

I feel like I am being more than well-prepared for my future endeavors. My professors are very knowledgeable of the topics they teach and have done a phenomenal job at relaying that information to me. I have had more hands-on learning experiences at UMFK than I have at any other educational institution. The professors are passionate about what they teach, and they want to see their students succeed.

The most interesting experience I have had so far at UMFK is helping at the Fort Kent tagging station during the Maine Moose Hunt. The other students and I collected blood samples from the moose, as well as ticks. It’s not at every university that students get to do something like that. It really gave me a hands-on experience that will stick with me for the duration of my schooling and my career.

In the future, I want to work in the field of Conservation Law Enforcement. Whether that is as a Game Warden, a Park Ranger, a Forest Ranger, or one of the many other jobs that fall into the field does not matter to me.

“I’ve gained an enormous amount of knowledge on law enforcement; from processing a scene, gathering evidence, learning how to interview people, to applying the Constitution to law enforcement.”

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