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Planning and Evaluation

2005 Institutional Self-Study: Committees

Standards Elements Sub-section Standard Chair Standard Members
Mission and Purposes 1.1-1.4   Tamara Mitchell Scott Brickman
John Martin
Naomi Niolas
Planning and Evaluation 2.1-2.6   Don Raymond Peggy Bard
Jeff Dubis
Kurt Holzhausen
Deb Pringnitz
Robert Scott
Organization and Governance 3.1-3.9   Kurt Holzhausen Tina Caron
Ellen Cost
John Elliott
Programs and Instruction 4.1-4.11   Bruno Hicks Don Eno
Dorothy Hopkins
Dariel Jacobs
Jim Killarney
Louise Pelletier
  4.12-4.19 Undergraduate Degree Programs Brad Ritz Melissa Charette
Lilia Kakaradova
Lisa Lavoie
Jocelyn Schael
  4.20-4.28 Graduate Degree Programs    
  4.26-4.28 Scholarship and Research Steve Selva Ray Albert
Joseph Becker
Jenny Radsma
Nora Roy
  4.29-4.32 Instruction Terry Murphy Penny Albert
Mark Richard
Lisa Theriault
Joseph Zubrick
  4.33-4.41 Admissions and Retention Charles Closser Garland Caron
Melik Khoury
Roger Roy
Cathy Saucier
Faculty 5.1-5.14   Mariella Squire Whitney Bouchard
Richard Dinsmore
Steve Hansen
Student Services 6.1-6.11   Scott Voisine George Diaz
Lisa Roy
Angela Theriault
Rameen Aryana
Eric Werntgen
Library and Information Resources 7.1-7.6   Tony Gauvin Sophia Birden
Leslie Kelly
Nicki Voisine
Erin Soucy
Physical Resources 8.1-8.3   Gibert Albert Richard Bouchard
Mel Belanger
Robert Daigle
Fran Picard
Financial Resources 9.1-9.6   John Murphy Lucy Beaulieu
Linda Deprey
Lisa Fournier
Allen Shoaff
Public Disclosure 10.1-10.10   Kim Borges-Therien Neal Jandreau
Jason Parent
Gerry Robinson
Integrity 11.1-11.10   Sharon Johnson Jill Cairns
Norman Fournier
Lena Michaud
Roger Paradis