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October Session

October Session Classes

BUS 219: Business and Professional Speaking   

Prerequisites: None. Co-requisites: None. Develops oral communication skills, interview techniques, conduct of business meetings, and group discussions. 3 credit hours.

Instructor: Joe Zubrick

COS 103: Introduction to Information Technology   

Prerequisites: None. Co-requisites: None. Explores common information technologies and their application. Examines computer based applications including operating systems, file managers, word processors, electronic spreadsheets, database management systems, presentation graphics, electronic communication tools. Develops competence in locating, interpreting, analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating, and communicating information in both print and electronic media. 4 credit hours.

Instructor: Anthony Gauvin

HTY 102: United States History I   

Prerequisites: None. Surveys social, cultural, economic and political development of American nation from exploration and colonization through era of Civil War and reconstruction. 3 credit hours.

Instructor: Paul Buck

MUS 102: History of Rock & Roll   

Prerequisites: None. The historical and stylistic development of Rock, through its major trends, influential personalities and its interrelationship with our society is studied. 3 credit hours.

Instructor: Scott Brickman

NUR 425: Adult Health III: Caring For Individuals/Families With Complex Alterations In Health   

Prerequisites: >2.5 GPA; NUR 335, NUR 360, NUR 365. Co-requisites: NUR 425C, NUR 425L. Expands the student's knowledge, attitude, and skill required to provide safe, quality, patient-centered care for individuals with complex or multiple alterations in health. Emphasis is on illness and disease management along with the impact of catastrophic illness on the individual and the family. HESI testing fees required. 3 credit hours.

Instructor: Cheryl Roberts (Lecture)/Travis Norsworthy (Clinical)

PHE 163: Principles of Coaching   

Prerequisites: None. Co-requisites: None. Provides an appreciation and background in the art of coaching. Deals with the complex problems facing those that accept the challenge of handling our youth of today in a sport setting. The complete role of the effectiveness of the coach will be surveyed. Field trips to study experienced coaches required. Students may earn a coaching license through U.S. soccer D license curriculum. 3 credit hours.

Instructor: William Ashby

SPA 101: Elemantary Spanish II   

Prerequisites: SPA 100 or 1 year of high school Spanish. This course is a continuation of SPA 100 and emphasizes basic speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills while fostering cultural awareness. The course uses a combination of communication-based and traditional grammar-based pedagogies. The course uses multimedia such as online videos and news articles in a portion of every class to keep abreast of current events in the Spanish-speaking world. 3 credit hours.

Instructor: Paul Buck