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October Session

October Session Classes

FOR 332: Forest Inventory and Analysis   

Prerequisites: BIO 109. Co-requisites: FOR 291. Experience in forest inventory and data summary and analysis. Examines methods and software used to generate a forest inventory and growth and yield data. A minimum grade of "C" is required. A $20 non-refundable transportation fee required. Four hour lab. 2 credit hours.

Instructor: Nicole Rogers

FRE 101: Elementary French II   

Prerequisites: FRE 100 or 1 year of high school French. A continuation of FRE 100. This course is designed for students with a beginner's knowledge of French to master a basic level of the interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational communicative modes. The course strongly emphasizes oral communication with the majority of class time spent on interactive tasks and language practice. Materials include film, audio activities, and short readings. 3 credit hours.

Instructor: Nicole Boudreau

HLT 386: Health Care Policy   

Prerequisites: >2.5 GPA; NUR 200, NUR 230 or instructor's permission; or standing in Allied Health or RN to BSN program. This course provides students with an overview of contemporary health policy in the United States. Health disparities and the evolving healthcare system have a profound impact on the nursing profession. Nursing students develop a greater understanding of the social, political, cultural, and financial variables affecting health care outcomes, including nursing practice. Students learn to analyze health care policy using a framework. The effect of current health care policy on vulnerable populations is examined. Students participate in healthcare policy discussions as patient advocates and consumers of healthcare. Current issues and trends affecting the nursing profession are examined. 3 credit hours.

Instructor: Tanya Sleeper

HTY 102: United States History I   

Prerequisites: None. Surveys social, cultural, economic and political development of American nation from exploration and colonization through era of Civil War and reconstruction. 3 credit hours.

Instructor: Paul Buck

PHE 163: Principles of Coaching   

Prerequisites: None. Co-requisites: None. Provides an appreciation and background in the art of coaching. Deals with the complex problems facing those that accept the challenge of handling our youth of today in a sport setting. The complete role of the effectiveness of the coach will be surveyed. Field trips to study experienced coaches required. Students may earn a coaching license through U.S. soccer D license curriculum. 3 credit hours.

Instructor: William Ashby

SPA 101: Elementary Spanish II   

Prerequisites: SPA 100 or 1 year of high school Spanish. This course is a continuation of SPA 100 and emphasizes basic speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills while fostering cultural awareness. The course uses a combination of communication-based and traditional grammar-based pedagogies. The course uses multimedia such as online videos and news articles in a portion of every class to keep abreast of current events in the Spanish-speaking world. 3 credit hours.

Instructor: Paul Buck