Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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Admission Guidelines

The applicant to the nursing major should have completed the college preparatory curriculum during high school. Applicants who have not completed this track may be evaluated on an individual basis. Additionally, the applicant is expected to have:

  1. Graduated from an approved high school or GED equivalent;
  2. Completed each of the following courses with a minimum grade of C, preferably in the college preparation track:
    • Sciences: Two years
      • Biology (with lab)
      • Chemistry (with lab)
      • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Mathematics: Two years
      • Algebra I
      • Algebra II and/or Geometry
    • English: Four years
    • Social Sciences: Two years
    • Foreign Language;
  3. Prior to Fall 2005, achieved a combined score of 900 on the SAT; after Fall 2005, a combined score of 1350 is recommended. A composite score of 19 on the ACT examination is the equivalent score. The SAT or ACT scores are recommended, but not required; and
  4. Submitted one letter of recommendation from a math teacher, science teacher, or a support letter demonstrating community service.

Students who do not meet the criteria listed in the catalog are considered on an individual basis and an interview with an academic advisor may be required.

Transfer Students

Students wishing to transfer to the nursing program from other colleges must meet general university admission requirements. A “C” grade or better must be demonstrated for any transfer credit to be acceptable for transfer to the nursing major, but a C+ for any nursing core course. In addition, achievement of a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA also is required for admission to the nursing major. Clinical nursing courses from other nursing programs are nontransferable; however, transcripts and/or course syllabi can be reviewed upon individual requests.

Application to UMFK must be accompanied by a letter from a previous faculty member, preferably a nursing faculty, and addressed to the Division of Nursing. The letter must indicate the student left the institution(s) in good academic standing, and in that faculty member’s best estimation, the student is capable of completing the nursing major within a four-year period.

Acceptance into the nursing program as a transfer student is contingent upon the student meeting all entrance requirements, as well as availability of class and clinical space. Depending on the course credits being transferred, prospective transfer students may be required to demonstrate satisfactory validation of nursing knowledge and skills, which may require registration for directed study credits, or through successful completion of a standardized exam. Transfer credit for 3 credit pharmacology course is accepted for traditional or accelerated students if the course was taken within the last 2 years within the University of Maine system. Otherwise, successful completion of a comprehensive examination is required. This does not apply to students in the RN to BSN program track. In addition, students in the nursing program may transfer in a chemistry course without a lab to meet the nursing degree requirements. The chemistry course must be a minimum of three credits and be completed with a grade of C or higher.