Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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Suggested Course Sequencing

Disclaimer: The list below provides an example of requirements & suggested course sequencing for new students. Actual program requirements will vary depending on the date of enrollment in the program. Please consult the appropriate catalog for official degree/program requirements.

Courses in the nursing major are taken in a sequential manner, as outlined below, and any deviation must be individually assessed and approved by the student’s academic advisor. The clinical component of a course may be completed in the community, acute, or long-term care settings.

Pre-Arrival Summer Semester (after completion of transferable anatomy and physiology and statistics courses)

CRN Course Name Credits
NUR 309 Total Health Assessment and Lab 4 credits
NUR 302 Pharmacology 3 credits
NUR 304 Transition to Professional Nursing Practice with Lab 5 credits
Total 12 credits


CRN Course Name Credits
NUR 330 Adult Health I 5 credits
NUR 335 Family Health I: Maternal and Infant 4.5 credits
BIO 401 Pathophysiology 3 credits
Total 12.5 credits


CRN Course Name Credits
NUR 301 Promoting Healthy Communities 3 credits
NUR 360 Adult Health II 5 credits
NUR 365 Family Health II: Pediatrics 4.5 credits
HLT 407 Leadership and Management 3 credits
Total 15.5 credits


CRN Course Name Credits
NUR 401 Health Related Research 3 credits
NUR 425 Adult Health III 8 credits
NUR 452 Mental Health Nursing 5 credits
Total 16 credits


CRN Course Name Credits
NUR 497C Preceptorship 4 credits
NUR 497 Senior Capstone (may be waived) 3 credits
Total 7 credits

Total Accelerated Program Credits: 60 or 63, depending on whether Capstone is required or not. See Academic and Clinical Progression Policies for Traditional and Accelerated BSN Tracks.

Some accelerated students may opt to take NUR 200, NUR 230, NUR 201 Lab, and NUR 202 Lab in lieu of NUR 304 and NUR 304 Lab.