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Enrollment & Advancement Center • University of Maine at Fort Kent • 23 University Drive, Fort Kent, ME 04743

UMFK nursing students honored at pinning ceremonies

June 2, 2017

Note: this is an archived news release. As such, the information provided may no longer apply.

University of Maine at Fort Kent nursing students graduated from the program, with 54 of them attending the 33rd Annual UMFK Nursing Pinning Ceremony on Friday, May 12th at the Fox Auditorium on the UMFK campus.

UMFK nursing pinning ceremony group photo - names of students provided in the caption
UMFK’s ceremony of nurse pinning group photo: 1st row, l to r:  Orufonomoh Mary Trudeau; Wendy Jensen; Jillian Miller; Ashlee Jipson; Amanda Pilecki; Jodi Kelly; Chelsea Nickerson; Courtney Bubier; Danica Alaban; and Sterlin Jourdain. 2nd row, l to r: Nathalie Michaud; Julia DeStefano; Sara Hebert; Hannah Cutler; Kelsey Whitely; Chelsea Frey; Tina Perry; Heidi Farley; and Jennifer Dyke. 3rd row, l to r: Deanna Raye; Curran LeComte; Kimberly O’Bar: Natalie Michaud: Rochelle Douglass; Dulsie Varney; Alexis Desjardins; Leonel Pierre; and Lori Bishop. 4th row, l to r: Frantzceau Germain; Amanda Giggey; Rebecca George; Lindsey Lavoie; Bailey Nunan; Morgan Thomas; Monica Hopkins; Jonathan Rochester; and Mequeline Smith. 5th row, l to r: Michaella Gilbert; Matthew Merchant; Shannon Hall:  Kelley Dugal; Jennifer Shellhamer; Jordyn Sanborn; Jonathan Wing and Kayla Pendleton.

BSN students who received their nursing pins were: Danica Alaban (San Jose, CA); Naomi Alleyne (Carlingford, New Brunswick, Canada); Isabella L. Arguetta (Guatemala City, Guatemala); Lori R. Bishop (Fort Fairfield, ME); Courtney L. Bubier (Jay, ME); Kristen L. Champagne (Perry, ME); Hannah C. Cutler (Appleton, ME);  Alexis L Desjardins (Fort Kent, ME); Julia M. DeStefano (North Monmouth, ME); Rochelle M. Douglass (Willows, CA); Kelley N. Dugal (Madawaska, ME); Jennifer M. Dyke (Lyme, NH); Heidi L. Farley (Washburn, ME); Chelsea M. Frey (West Paris, ME); Victoria M. Gavin (Lakeville, MA); Rebecca M. George (Etna, ME); Frantzceau Germain ( Cite Soleil, Portay Prince, Haiti); Amanda P. Giggey (Gray, ME); Michaella E. Gilbert (Greenville, ME); Shannon S. Hall (Rockport, ME); Sara L. Hebert (Biddeford, ME); Monica L. Hopkins (Caribou, ME): Wendy Y. Jensen (Dsl de Drummond, New Brunswick, Canada); Ashlee M. Jipson (Chester, ME); Sterlin Jourdain (Washington, DC); Jodi L. Kelly (Allagash, ME); Lindsey J. Lavoie (Madawaska, ME); Curran J. LeComte (Scarborough, ME); Matthew C. Merchant (Otis, ME); Natalie N. Michaud (Frenchville, ME); Nathalie A. Michaud (Madison, ME); Michelle R. Moscone (Millinocket, ME); Chelsea M. Nickerson (Mapleton, ME); Tiara S. Nolen (Atwater, CA); Bailey E. Nunan (Arundel, ME); Kimberly A. O’Bar (Limestone, ME); Kayla A. Pendleton (Searsmont, ME); Megan M. Perry (Etna, ME); Leonel J. Pierre (Enfield, NH); Amanda T. Pilecki (North Berwick, ME); Deanna L. Raye (Pembroke, ME); Jonathan R. Rochester (Presque Isle, ME); Jordyn L. Sanborn ( Oxford, ME); Jennifer L. Shellhamer (Eagle Lake, ME); Heather A. Sherman (Mapleton, ME); Mequeline Smith (Washington, DC); Morgan M. Thomas (Buxton, ME); O. Mary Trudeau (Warri Delta State, Nigeria); Dulsie J. Varney (Turner, ME); Kelsey J. Whitely (Farmington, ME); Jonathan W. Wing (Parkman, ME); and Haijun Yao (Xingyan City, Henan, China).

BSN students in absentia were; Victorine A. Agbor (Kumba, Cameroon); Lise M. Albert (Cross Lake, ME); Holly J. Anderson (Searsmont, ME); Richard Asare (Rutland, MA); Christa M. Baiocchi (Auburn, ME); Anna L. Battiatta (Mechanicsville, VA); Michele B. Blasens (Brunswick, ME); Olivia C. Bouchard (Greenville, ME); Jeannine Boutin-Lesage (Hope, ME); Christy Brown (Solon, ME); Samuel Brumer (Haiti); Sunyea L. Cho (Conroe, TX); Jamie M. Clark (Stratford, NH); Lafortune S. Cothia (Suffern, NY); Bethany A. Craig (Benton, ME); Danielle L. Daigle (Dayton, ME); Kaitlyn M. D’Orazio (York, ME); Chelsea A. Douglas (Damariscotta, ME); Amy Durland Faulkner (Mars Hill, ME); Kristen J. Ellis (Holden, ME); Heather A. Favreau (Fort Kent, ME); Tammi M. Flint (Easton, ME); Angel Francini (Etna, ME); (Nicole M. Furlong (Raymond, ME); Patti J. Gagne (Waterville, ME); Anne M. Grandchamp (Cumberland Center, ME); Christopher D. Haake (Washington, DC) Dylan T. Hess (Springfield, OR); Elizabeth P. Hurd (Lovell, ME);  Adam M. Huston (Caribou, ME); Violet M. Hyatt (Farmingdale, ME); Michelle M. James (Madison, ME); Sophia A. Joseph (Stratford, CT); Kathleen M. Kelley (Harrison, ME); Alisa M. Kidney (Waldoboro, ME); Jessica R. H. Lahey (Presque Isle, ME); Magela Laurore (Lake Park, FL); Alexandra L. Macalle (Raleigh, NC); Alexandra Meister (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova); Jamie L. Messier (Lincolnville ME); Jillian A. Miller (Hodgdon, ME); Abigail L. Moeller (Puyallup, WA); Therese M. Nickerson (Waterville, ME); Donna M. Nale (Portland, ME); Erin R. Pierce (Lewiston, ME); Christina M. Quint (Easton, ME); Bonnie J. Randazza (Harpwell, ME); Stephanie L. Reynolds (South China, ME); Marybeth C. Riley (South Portland, ME); Kaitlin B. Robinson (Orrington, ME); Havalah S. Schnurr (Amherst, MA); Stephanie E. Schreiber (Bangor, ME); Elizabeth M. Sewell (Monticello, ME); Renee J. Slaney (Benton, ME); Shannon M. Smith (South Portland, ME); Ally Seunghyun Sparacio (Cary, NC); Dayna S. St. Peter (Woodland, ME); Janine Stone (Portland, ME); Kelsi L. Story (Monroe, ME); Kristen M. Switzer (Detroit, ME); Nicole E. Wear (North Yarmouth, ME); James C. White (Portland, ME); Scott M. Whitney (Fort Kent, ME); Curtis J. York Jr. (Bangor, ME); and Danielle N. Zimmerman (Brunswick, ME).

Faculty, staff, and students, along with family members and friends of the graduates gathered to honor the recipients of the Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. University President Dr. John N. Short welcomed attendees and extended congratulations to the students.

The theme for this year’s pinning ceremony was "Nursing: The Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit."

The keynote speaker for the pinning ceremony was Amy Cotton, RN. She is vice president for patient engagement and chief patient experience officer for Eastern Maine Healthcare System.

Amy Cotton has been a committed nurse leader with an active clinical practice in Maine for more than 25 years.  She a graduate of the University of Maine’s baccalaureate nursing program and the University of Southern Maine’s nurse practitioner program.  Ms. Cotton will complete a Doctorate in Nursing Practice at Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions this December. 

She started her nursing career practicing at Eastern Maine Medical Center, caring for patients as a bedside nurse and went on to become a department head.  After becoming a board certified family nurse practitioner, she opened Maine’s first nurse practitioner-led clinic in Penobscot County to provide primary care to home bound elders (also the first in the nation). 

As a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing, Cotton was recognized for her expertise and influence in patient care delivery in hospital, primary care, nursing home, and home care settings. She has served as resident of the National Gerontological Nursing Association. Ms. Cotton was the recipient of the International Honor Society of Nursing’s Geriatric Leadership Award and is a current Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Executive Nurse Fellow.

Ms. Cotton’s current responsibilities include improving the care experience through a consistent team approach in order to deliver excellent care with empathy and an understanding of the needs of those they serve.

To begin the Nurse Pinning Ceremony, Cheryl Roberts, instructor of nursing, thanked the following institutions for supporting the graduates during their clinical courses, as well as offering them a setting in which to complete their preceptorships: Acadia Hospital;

Bartlett Regional Hospital (Juneau, AK); Calais Regional Hospital; Cary Medical Center; Central Maine Medical Center; Down East Community Hospital; Eastern Maine Medical

Center; Franklin Memorial Hospital; Lakewood Continuing Care Center; Maine General Medical Center; Maine Medical Center; Northern Maine Medical Center (NMMC); Pen Bay Hospital;  St. Joseph Hospital (Bangor);  Southern Maine Medical Center; The Aroostook Medical Center (TAMC) and Waldo County General Hospital.

Since the UMFK Nursing Division relies so heavily on the hospitals in the region, NMMC; Cary Medical Center; and TAMC were presented a plaque, which will be displayed on the wall of their institution. Roberts also asked the audience for a round of applause for the many professional nurses who committed themselves to precepting the UMFK senior students and helping them become the best nurses they can be and making a difference in the students’ lives.

During the ceremony Michealla E. Gilbert was honored with the Student Nurse Citizenship Award. The award honors the diligence, manners, responsibility, conscientiousness, and thoughtful involvement characteristic of an exemplary citizen. 

The Division of Nursing also honors an alumna or alumnus during the pinning ceremony. The Distinguished Nursing Alumni Award is bestowed upon a nursing graduate of the UMFK Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, who displays accomplishment in the nursing profession, as well as a commitment to his/her community through volunteer service  and humanitarian efforts. This year, the Nurse Award was presented to UMFK Alumna Susan Devoe.

She graduated from UMFK in 1993 from the nursing program. Devoe began her career at NMMC in the adult psychiatric unit and currently she works in the quality improvement department. Devoe ensures that all staff and providers remain focused on important patient care safety outcomes and organizational functions that are essential to quality care.

Additionally, the Division of Nursing recognized a member of the community who has made an ongoing and outstanding contribution to health care in general and in particular to the advancement of nursing and nursing education. Jane Rioux was honored with the Community Leader Award.

Rioux has earned multiple certifications beyond her nursing degree, including national certification as an emergency nurse.  She is a leader and a team player. Recently, she assumed leadership of a home health care agency. She volunteers at church, with the choir, Columbiettes, and countless hours with the Edgar J. Paradis Advisory Committee. 

According to Dr. Erin Soucy, director of nursing and allied health, “Jane truly is a community leader.”

In an effort to recognize the outstanding achievement of nursing students in their contributions to undergraduate research, the Division of Nursing has established an award.  Naomi Alleyne, Kaitlyn D’orazio, Vicky Gavin, and Kelly Post were honored for their research project titled, “The Effectiveness of Rapid Response Systems: A Review of the Literature.”  Their group project was exceptional in terms of quality, depth, and application of their finding. Professor of Nursing, Dr. Jenny Radsma, presented each student with a certificate.

The address to the senior class was delivered by Sara Hebert.  In her speech, she mentioned coming to UMFK, not knowing other students, daily rituals, sacrificing, tears, family, friends, confidence, and opportunities.  Sara always used the word “we” throughout her address to the graduating class to include all. She ended by saying, “Be humble in your accomplishments, be wise in your choices, and be so incredibly proud of yourselves.”

Sandy Pelletier, instructor of nursing, brought the ceremony to a close.

The UMFK Nursing Division faculty and staff are Dr. Erin Soucy, Dr. Rachel E. Albert, Diane Griffin, Ellie Hess, Larry Nadeau, Fran Picard, Sandy Pelletier, Denise Potvin, Dr. Jenny Radsma, Cheryl Roberts, and Dr. Tanya Sleeper.

UMA nurse pinning ceremony group photo - names of students provided in the caption
UMA’s ceremony of nurse pinning group photo: kneeling front l to r: Kezzie Woodbury and Rhiannon Ludder. 2nd row bowed: Alyssa Pierce; Megan Mawhinney; and Sara Brann; 3rd row standing: Jessica White, Deanna Genovese; Meagan Cash; Breann Schopmann; Ella Fast; Jessica Dummich; Nicole Harriman; 4th row: Lindsey Carter; Jessica Rankin; Hannah Demmons; Tanya Palmer; Brooke Joy; and Nancy Graham.

Twenty UMFK nursing students who were enrolled in the Partners in Nursing Education Program received their nursing pins at a ceremony that was held on May 11th at the Jewett Hall Auditorium on the University of Maine at Augusta campus.

These nursing students were: Sara R. Brann (Gardner, ME); Lindsey M. Carter (Blue Hill, ME); Meagan L. Cash (Rockland, ME); Kallie E. Daggett (Portland, ME) in absentia; Hannah S. Demmons (Rockport, ME); Jessica Leigh Dummich (East Winthrop, ME); Ella P. Fast (Freeman Township, ME); Deanna E. Genovese (Garland, ME); Nancy E. Graham (Lamoine, ME);; Nicole R. Harriman (Warren, ME); Shani J. Healey (Jefferson, ME) in absentia; Brooke J. Joy (Augusta, ME); Rhiannon K. Ludder (Randolph, ME); Megan E. A. Mawhinney (Augusta, ME); Tanya J. Palmer (Corinth, ME); Alyssa M. Pierce (Owls Head, ME); Jessica L. Rankin (West Gardner, ME); Breann E. Schopmann (Vassalboro, ME); Jessica A. White (Rockland, ME); and Kezzie E. Woodbury (Plymouth, ME).                                                                      

UMA President Dr. James Conneely and UMFK Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Steven Gammon, welcomed attendees and extended congratulations.  UMFK Director of Nursing and Allied Health, Dr. Erin Soucy, attended the ceremony and addressed the students.

The keynote speaker was the executive director of the Maine Board of Nursing Kim Esquibel, Ph.D, MSN, RN.  In this position she is dedicated to carrying out the policies of the board and for planning, organizing and directing the activities of the Board of Nursing. Esquibel has over 30 years of experience as a practicing nurse, nurse educator, and nurse manager. 

During the ceremony, UMFK & UMA Division of Nursing presented three awards to recognize the Student Citizen Award to Rhiannon K. Ludder for her outstanding citizenship and service. Esquibel with the Community Leader Award for her dedicated leadership and support to the profession of nursing; the Nurse Alumni Award to UMFK alumna Erin Voisine Davis for her noteworthy leadership and service to the profession of nursing. She earned her nursing degree from UMFK in 2004 and serves as a UMFK adjunct faculty member.  Erin Voisine Davis also works at Maine General on the maternal child/pediatric unit and in the newborn nursery.

The address to the senior class was delivered by Jessica Rankin. UMA Professor of Nursing and Academic Coordinator Terry Colby, MSN, RN, gave closing remarks.