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"More Than Fundamentally Speaking" art students' exhibit at UMFK Blake Library Gallery

December 13, 2016

Note: this is an archived news release. As such, the information provided may no longer apply.

Sadie Desjardins Mannequin Observed Pastel Painting
Sadie Desjardins - Mannequin Observed Pastel Painting

The University of Maine at Fort Kent Blake Library Gallery is featuring “More Than Fundamentally Speaking,” the work of students in Therese L. Provenzano’s Art 200: Fundamentals of Art-Drawing class. The exhibition will be on display through Friday, December 23.

Art 200: Fundamentals of Art-Drawing is a hands-on studio course students take to meet their Arts & Humanities general education requirement. The course is a requirement for matriculating Art Minors. The main course objective is for students to learn the visual elements of art and the principles of design from exploring charcoal, graphite, and pastel. Students also learn to develop creative problem solving skills, acquire an understanding of an artist’s intentions and form an appreciation for the art making process.

Provenzano asked her students, “How does the practice of making art relate to solving problems in everyday life?”

Brittnie Hodsdon said, “Art, like life, adds challenges that you have to learn from. Art also shows you that the first try isn’t always the best you can do. It teaches you to be flexible. While creating my negative shape drawing, I learned that I could create better images with patience and time. I also learned that erasing is just part of the process and the amount of eraser you use has nothing to do with your talent or the final product.” 

Tierra Wilks said, “The practice of making art relates to solving problems in everyday life because art is life.”

Ashleigh Bonar Negative Shape Graphite Drawing
Ashleigh Bonar - Negative Shape Graphite Drawing

Emily Austin said, “I learned that I am capable of being creative, working with materials I don’t enjoy and know how to better deal with my frustrations. Art connects to everyday life because when things you don’t like or are uncomfortable with come, you don’t always have a choice of just giving up. So, like art, you need to push past these issues and the end result will leave you with a feeling of happiness in completing the task. “

Aderinola Awomodu said, “Making art teaches me important ways in how to relate to people around me. It also teaches patience and perseverance.” 

The students represented in the exhibition are: Emily Austin; Aderinola Awomodu; Max Bertrand; Ashleigh Bonar; Sadie Desjardins; Neesha Fatmi; Brittnie Hodsdon; Cassidy Moser; Gabrielle Reese; Shantelle Rioux; Faizi Salim; Allencia Smith; Melissa Tompkins; Chelsea Vaillancourt; and Tierra Wilks.

Art 200: Fundamentals of Art-Drawing will be offered again in the spring semester.  The first class begins on Wednesday, January 18.

Registration has begun for this course. For further information about the course, please call Therese Provenzano at 207-231-4593.

For gallery information and hours, please call Sofia Birden at 207-834-7527.