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Studio projects class show their art

May 7, 2015

Note: this is an archived news release. As such, the information provided may no longer apply.


Ellen Borges oil on canvas

The University of Maine at Fort Kent Blake Library Gallery is featuring Spotlight-Art for One Art for All, the work of students in Therese L. Provenzano's Art 320 Studio Projects class through Monday, May 18.

Art 320 Studio Projects provided an opportunity for students to pursue concentrated work in a single area; drawing, painting, printmaking, or sculpture. Projects were designed to suit individual interests. Students were encouraged to develop and spotlight their individual creativity and in doing so discovered shared commonalities with their classmates.

Kristen Champagne pastel on paper

Spotlight-Art for One Art for All displays representational and abstract drawings and paintings that are executed in charcoal, graphite, pastel, watercolor, or oil.

Provenzano said, “Individuality comes forth as it should. I am very pleased with the energy and range of diversity that happened in the work from this class. It was wonderful to witness students taking direction and trusting their instincts. All made ideas happen. I can imagine where their work would have continued to develop if the course did not end.”

Michelle Delgadillo graphite on paper

Kristen Champagne said, “This spring semester at the UMFK was not an easy one. With harder college classes than I've ever taken and pressure to make the 76 average for nursing, I found salvation in the Art 320 Studio Projects course. This class enabled me to better my pastel technique, as well as encourage my creative energy to flow. It was a breath of fresh air, de-stressing me from the intensity of my other courses. Throughout the semester, I successfully completed two pastel paintings on watercolor paper, which were very much inspired by my newfound interest in microbiology.”

Matthew Merchant stated, "The most challenging part of my pastel painting was accurately portraying the size and shapes of the bodies, while remaining true to the proportion and scale of each figure to the others. Through creating this artwork, I gained a deeper appreciation for the fraternity in which I am brother. Creating brothers without faces, yet including their bodies and fraternity colors helps to create a sense of selflessness, which increases a sense of equality amongst brothers. We help to better the fraternity, yet at the same time the fraternity helps us to better ourselves.”

Shelagh Van Anglen pastel on paper

Amber Devoe shared, "There will always be a diamond in the rough and you just have to find it. I learned that sometimes you have to make more than one piece before you find the right one."

Desi Peddle stated, "The most challenging aspect of my sunflower graphite drawing was finding the "this" and the "that." I knew I wanted the flower but I had no idea what I wanted to go with it. Once I brainstormed some, I finally found inspiration and it all came together, magically. I found the “that” is what really brings a piece of work together."

Desi Peddle graphite and pastel on paper

Alisha Cote said, “Watercolor tends to dry really quickly so you have to work fast. In order to get used to the watercolor paint I practiced doing washes and also did a few practice paintings. This helped me learn how to use different techniques with layering colors on top of one another. It taught me that sometimes mistakes are beautiful.”

The students the exhibition is representing include Ellen Borges (Fort Kent, ME); Kristen Champagne (Perry, ME); Alisha Cote (Fort Kent, ME); Michelle Delgadillo (Gilroy, California); Amber Devoe (New Canada, ME); Paige Gillespie (Charlotte, ME); Matthew Merchant (Otis, ME); Jessany Munoz (Yreka, California); Desi Peddle (Bucksport, ME); Shannon Seegmiller (Los Angeles, California); and Shelagh Van Anglen (Daphne, Alabama).

The exhibition may be viewed during regular Blake Library hours. For more information, please contact Gallery Curator, Sofia Birden at (207) 834-7527 or