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UMFK To Offer Online Courses During March Session

February 22, 2013

Note: this is an archived news release. As such, the information provided may no longer apply.


The University of Maine at Fort Kent will offer seven, credit-bearing online courses beginning Monday, March 18. All courses are eight weeks in length.

Courses offered during the March session include: nursing, music, history, speech, coaching, education, earth science, and information technology.

COM 200: Speech

Prerequisites: None. Focuses on preparation, organization, and delivery of oral materials. Emphasizes classroom presentation. Does not satisfy English major or minor requirements. 3 credit hours. Instructor: Joseph B. Zubrick

COS 103: Intro. to Information Technology

Prerequisites: None. Explores common information technologies and their application. Examines computer based applications including operating systems, file managers, word processors, electronic spreadsheets, database management systems, presentation graphics, electronic communication tools. Develops competence in locating, interpreting, analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating, and communicating information in both print and electronic media. 4 credit hours. Instructor: Mark H. Rosenbaum

HTY 103: US History II

Prerequisites: None. Surveys social, cultural, economic and political history of United States, from Reconstruction to present. 3 credit hours. Instructor: Paul Franklin Buck

MUS 100: History of Music

Introduction to the elements of music, survey of 1600 years of Art Music in western civilization. Includes style periods, names, dates, and personalities significant in musical developments. The major roles of music and the musician in society are studied. Listening skills and aural recognition are emphasized. 3 credit hours. Instructor: Scott T. Brickman

NUR 312: Conceptual Issues of Professional Nursing

Prerequisites: A grade point average of at least 2.5. Admitted as student in the accelerated or RN-BSN program. Corequisites: NUR 312L (for Accelerated Students). Promotes the development of professional knowledge, attitudes, and skills as foundational to professional nursing. Students will be introduced to selected concepts, themes, and theories that deepen an understanding of the historical, legal, ethical, and contemporary context of nursing practice. 3 credit hours. Instructor: Cheryl Roberts

PHE 163: Principles of Coaching

Prerequisites: None. Provides an appreciation and background in the art of coaching. Deals with the complex problems facing those that accept the challenge of handling our youth of today in a sport setting. The complete role of the effectiveness of the coach will be surveyed. Field trips to study experienced coaches required. 3 credit hours. Instructor: William E. Ashby

PHS 210: Earth Science

This course explores in a holistic fashion the major components of the earth sciences, including Geology, Astronomy, Oceanography, and Meteorology. Special emphasis is given to looking at the earth in a holistic fashion, stressing the inter relationships of earth processes. 3 credit hours. Instructor: Bernard A. Paradis.

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