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Dr. Rachel Albert completes the Society of Colleges and University Planning Institute

February 24, 2016

Note: this is an archived news release. As such, the information provided may no longer apply.


Dr. Rachel AlbertThe University of Maine at Fort Kent announced today that Dr. Rachel E. Albert has completed training in an important strategic planning process through the Society of Colleges and University Planning (SCUP) Institute.

The designers of the institute introduce participants to the SCUP Integrated Planning Model, which is a strategic planning process tailored for the complexities and challenges of institutions of higher education through a hands-on, collaborative environment. Through the training she received, Albert can assist the university in building an accurate picture of the external environment, ask hard but necessary questions, and build actionable plans.

As part of her faculty assignment, Dr. Albert serves as the executive director of planning and assessment, and over the course of a calendar year, she actively participated in SCUP's Planning Institute with colleagues from across the nation.

"Dr. Albert's additional training in this area is particularly valuable to UMFK and her role as she works closely with faculty, administration, and staff to position the institution for the future and align our goals and the priorities with the mission and vision of the campus and the needs of the broader community," said Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Tanya Sleeper.

Through her participation in the institute, Albert engaged with administrators, faculty, and capital planning staff with a goal of increasing her knowledge and understanding of integrated planning across higher education.

The three sessions focused on establishing a foundation for strategic planning using the SCUP Integrated Planning Model, application of techniques and skills to develop and implement a strategic plan, and building and sustaining a strategic planning culture.

Albert said, “The learning outcomes of the planning institute were broad, and the training came at an opportune time while I led the most current UMFK's Vision 2020 Strategic Plan.”

Dr. Albert said she is grateful for the support she received from UMFK to participate in the planning institute and plans to continue to use her training and skills to work with the campus community toward implementing and achieving UMFK's important goals.

Albert been a member of the UMFK faculty since 1990.