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Student artists display work in UMFK's Blake Library Gallery

December 10, 2013

Note: this is an archived news release. As such, the information provided may no longer apply.



Graphite drawing by Amber Ivory

The University of Maine at Fort Kent's Blake Library Gallery will feature, "Forty-five and Counting," the work of students in Therese Provenzano's Art 200 Fundamentals of Art class. The exhibition will be on display through Tuesday, December 17, 2013.

Art 200 is a visual arts course students can take to meet his or her Arts & Humanities general education requirement. Provenzano shares, "The forty-five drawings executed in pastel, graphite, or charcoal represent seventeen students in the exhibition and it doesn't stop there. Five students intend to continue his or her art study further by taking an upper level painting course next semester. Some students have also decided on an Art minor. Hence, "Forty-five and Counting."

Graphite drawing by Kristin Champagne

The students represented in the exhibition are: Katherine Bridges, Courtney Bubier, Kristen Champagne, Alyssa Curtis, Trevor Cyr, Alexis Desjardins, Ally Dow, Rachael Grew, James Gushee, Amber Ivory, Chantel LaPointe, Zachary Ladd, Alexa Massey, Matthew McCarty, Mikayla Michaud, Jessany Munoz, and Jesse Rochester.

Kristen Champagne commented, "Art class this semester has taught me life lessons about time management, patience and focus. Each new project presented new challenges. These challenges taught me about the importance of perseverance. Art allows me to put aside my studies and focus not only on the task at hand, but myself as well. It allows me to be able to reflect upon where I am and what I've done."

Charcoal drawing by Mikayla Michaud

Amber Ivory shared, "I forever thank this class for the abilities I never even knew I had. Without it, I would have never discovered such a drastic passion within myself. It is remarkable to miss something that could mean so much to you later in life because you didn't have the courage to try. My life passions and goals are taking a turn in the most positive way and I now understand the nature and meaning of an artist."

Jessany Munoz shared, "What surprised me in class was that I didn't know basic art skills would be so challenging. I enjoyed it. I benefited from this class and the teachings by knowing that sometimes art does have a time limit but it doesn't have a creativity limit."

Charcoal drawing by Jessany Munoz

Mikayla Michaud commented, "This course taught me, able all else, to believe in my abilities. Nothing great can be accomplished if you don't believe in yourself. Our strengths are so much more important than our weaknesses, and I feel that is a lesson so many people need to learn. Believe in yourself and you can do anything."

The exhibit may be view during regular Blake Library hours. For more information, please contact Gallery Curator Sofia Birden at 834-7527.

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