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Lulu Pelletier art exhibit to display on August 15

August 4, 2014

Note: this is an archived news release. As such, the information provided may no longer apply.


The University of Maine at Fort Kent Blake Library Gallery will host exhibit "Eye to Eye" by Artist Lulu Pelletier. The exhibit will be on display from Friday, August 15 through Friday, September 26, 2014.

The exhibit, "Eye to Eye," is a collection of portraits depicting animals and people in a realistic style. Pelletier says, "I remember my earliest paintings were of people and animals, funny that I am still drawn to these subjects..."

Pelletier, born and raised in Fort Kent, has had a calling throughout her life to create. She says she was drawing, painting, or making art out of any object for as long as she can remember. Pelletier taught herself early on; reading books about artists and their form of medium. Her first formal art education was in high school when she attended classes given by Claude Picard, a Canadian artist. Across the years,

Pelletier continued her studies under other art professors gaining knowledge and experience in her work. Pelletier tried a variety of mediums, such as oil paints, pastels, and colored pencils, learning how she could manipulate them to achieve the results she wanted. She found that the colored pencils worked best for very detailed realistic drawings. She says, "Each medium was very different, but at the same time gratifying in its own way. " When discussing her career path,

Pelletier says, "... I always told people that I would do my artwork as a profession when the time was right." Evidently, the time was right. Pelletier owns her own studio named "Portraits by Lulu." The studio is located on Market Street in Fort Kent, Maine. Finally, Pelletier says she has been busy filling commissions ever since opening her studio. She says, "I am living my dream...."

The exhibit may be viewed during regular Blake Library hours. For more information, please contact Gallery Curator Sofia Birden at (207) 834-7527.

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