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Enrollment & Advancement Center • University of Maine at Fort Kent • 23 University Drive, Fort Kent, ME 04743

44 UMFK Nursing Students Inducted into NHS and 42 UMFK Nursing Students Received Official Nursing Pins on May 13

Note: this is an archived news release. As such, the information provided may no longer apply.

nursing pin ceremony 2016
Photo taken of nurse graduate Twyla Morris and her parents Sherby and Gilda Morris during the Nursing Pinning Ceremony held in Fox Auditorium on May 13.

Forty-four current University of Maine at Fort Kent nursing students were inducted into the Nursing Honor Society and 42 nursing students were honored at the Nurse Pinning Ceremony held on Friday, May 13, 2016 in the Fox Auditorium.

“This ceremony celebrated two important occasions for nursing students, the 32nd annual pinning ceremony for the graduating students who have successfully completed the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and the 18th annual induction ceremony into the NHS for a group of nursing students who have met or exceeded the rigorous challenges of academic and practice standards, and have made significant contributions to nursing and their communities,” said Sandy Pelletier, instructor of nursing and the mistress of ceremonies.

UMFK President John N. Short gave his congratulatory remarks to the inductees and degree graduates. Dr. Erin Soucy, director of Nursing and Allied Health provided inspirational words.

The featured keynote address was by Elizabeth McClellan, RN, MS, MPH, president and founder of Partners in World Health. Currently, she works as a nursing administrator for Maine Medical Center in Portland. Elizabeth McClellan received several awards for her outstanding community and worldwide service efforts. She implemented a recycling and recovery program to include more than 35 hospitals and nursing homes in Maine and three hospitals in New Hampshire. The program utilizes volunteers to prepare packages of supplies to be distributed all over the world to facilities where they are desperately needed.

Cheryl Roberts, MS, RN, CPHQ, instructor of nursing, introduced the nursing students who were inducted into the UMFK Nursing Honor Society: Victorine A. Agbor (Kansas City, Missouri); Ellen L. Bartlett (Houlton, ME); Anna L. Battiata (Mechanicsville, Virginia); Olivia C Bouchard (Greenville, ME); Christy L. Brown (Solon, ME); Courtney L. Bubier (Jay, ME); Noella L. Chasse (Madawaska, ME); Lafortune S. Cothia (Suffern, New York); Jessica A. Despres (Hallowell, ME); Julia M. DeStefano (North Monmouth, ME); Kelly N. Dugal (Madawaska, ME); Deanna E. Genovese (Garland, ME); Amanda P. Giggey (Gray, ME); Michaella E. Gilbert (Greenville, ME); Cathy J. Godwin (Bryant Pond, ME); Christopher D. Haake (Acton, ME); Shannon S. Hall (Rockport, ME); Shani J. Healey (Jefferson, ME); Sara L. Hebert (Biddeford, ME); Sterlin Jourdain (Les Cayes, Haiti); Brooke J. Joy (Augusta, ME); Kathleen M. Kelley (Fort Kent); Lindsey J. Lavoie (Madawaska, ME); Alexandra Macalle (Oakland, New Jersey); Natalie N. Michaud (Frenchville, ME); Twyla M. Morris (Fort Kent); Alison Newton (Turner.ME); Chelsea M. Nickerson (Mapleton, ME); Kimberly A. O'Bar (Limestone, ME); Danielle R. Ouellette (Fort Kent); Amanda T. Pilecki (North Berwick, ME); Bonnie J. Randazza (Harpswell, ME); Jessica L. Rankin (West Gardiner, ME); Deanna L. Raye (Pembroke, ME); Jennifer L. Raymond (Eagle Lake, ME); Stephanie L. Reynolds (South China, ME); Brandi M. Rossignol (Connor Township, ME); Stephanie E. Schreiber (Bangor, ME); Mequeline Smith (Boyton Beach, Florida); Shannon M. Smith (South Portland, ME); Morgan M. Thomas (Buxton, ME); Jessica L. Walker (Fort Kent); Shellie A. Williams (Smyrna Mills, ME); and Kezzie E. Woodbury (Plymouth, ME).

All students have excelled in the four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program at UMFK and are very active in campus activities. Each student was presented an honor cord, which they will wear when they graduate, and a membership certificate.

The UMFK Nursing Honor Society was formed in the spring of 1998 for the purpose of recognizing and fostering academic excellence and scholarship among students, alumni, and community leaders in nursing.

Students with a grade point average of 3.0 or above, in the top 30% of their graduating class, and who represent the attributes of scholarship as defined by Boyer (1990) and Sigma Theta Tau, the International Honor Society for Nursing, were eligible for induction to the Honor Society.

To begin the Nurse Pinning Ceremony, Cheryl Roberts thanked the following institutions for supporting the graduates during their clinical courses, as well as offering them a setting in which to complete their preceptorships: The Aroostook Medical Center; Calais Medical Center; Eastern Maine Medical Center; Franklin Memorial Hospital; Maine General Medical Center; Maine Medical Center; Mercy Hospital; Midcoast Hospital; Millinocket Regional Hospital; Northern Maine Medical Center (NMMC); Penobscot Valley Hospital; Ridgewood; Southern Maine Medical Center; Spring Harbor Hospital; St. Joseph Hospital, Bangor; VA Medical Center (Togus); and Waldo County General Hospital.

Because the UMFK Nursing Division relies so heavily on the hospitals in the region, Northern Maine Medical Center; Cary Medical Center; and TAMC were presented a plaque, which will be displayed on the wall of their institution.

During the ceremony, Kathryn Sharp, from Caribou, was honored with the Student Nurse Citizenship Award. The award honors the diligence, manners, responsibility, conscientiousness, and thoughtful involvement characteristic of an exemplary citizen.

Sandy Pelletier said, “The contributions by Kathryn helped make UMFK a better place, while she was here.” She served as Student Nurses Organization president this year. She planned, organized, and stayed calm through the many service activities, in which she engaged the community and nursing students.

The Division of Nursing annually honors an alumna or alumnus during the pinning ceremony. The Distinguished Nursing Alumni Award is bestowed upon a nursing graduate of the UMFK Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, who displays accomplishment in the nursing profession, as well as a commitment to his/her community through volunteer service and humanitarian efforts.

Dr. Erin Soucy presented Nicole Theriault, from Fort Kent, the UMFK Nurse Alumna Award. Theriault graduated from the UMFK nursing program in 2000. After graduation, she worked at NMMC and Cary Medical Center in the emergency room and medical-surgical units, then relocated to Connecticut to work in the area of dialysis until 2006. When she returned to Fort Kent, Nicole went to work at NMMC and as an educator. In 2007, she began teaching adult health clinical rotations at UMFK. Nicole also worked in the obstetrics unit at Cary. Today, she continues to teach as a clinical instructor at UMFK and is a nursing supervisor at NMMC.

The Division of Nursing also recognizes a member of the community who has made an ongoing and outstanding contribution our community. UMFK Professor Nursing Dr. Jenny Radsma presented the 2016 Community Service Award to Donald Raymond, a truly outstanding leader and citizen.

Don Raymond, who is no stranger to UMFK, served as Registrar for more than 35 years. Don has always represented the best of UMFK and the St. John Valley. He has tirelessly filmed many community events on-and-off campus, most recently the High on Life Walk and the first UMFK Partners in Relief bide tour held in honor of the late Jim Grandmaison.

Dr. Radsma said, “Don readily passes on compliments, and this quote, from an e-mail Don sent to a group of nursing students about a year ago, sums up Don's character as the conscientious, thoughtful, and supportive person he is. In this email, he recognized the involvement of nursing students who cleaned up bags of trash on Earth Day in April of last year, a community event he helped to organize. He said: A big “thank you” for being part of the Earth Day Fort Kent Community Cleanup project. …You are dedicated students who are learning that it is important to be part of a community. You demonstrated today that the wellbeing of a community goes beyond the field of medicine, but also affects social and environmental wellbeing. You are a credit to your program, your school, and the Fort Kent community.”

Kathryn Sharp addressed the senior class on her personal experiences and true friendships.

She reflects on student nurses' common goal to help and heal others.

Kathryn said, “Don't be fooled, the hard work isn't over yet, you will work hard for the rest of your lives, all for the same reason you started this journey: you and me, we care for others. So continue to set goals. Make some of them realistic and some of them outrageous. Then work hard to achieve them. Above all else though, take care of yourself. Take time to do the things you enjoy outside of your new career and keep yourself healthy and well in all ways possible.”

Dr. Radsma announced the students who received their nursing pins.. The nursing pin signifies the completion of the bachelor of science in nursing degree and also symbolizes the honor and responsibility held as a professional nurse.

BSN students who received their nursing pins were: Kersti L. Ackley (Perry, ME); Michael D. Aikens (Chester, Massachusetts); Katelynn M. Beaulieu (Grand Isle, ME); Chantel L. Bernier (Frenchville, ME); Heather R. Chasse (Fort Kent); Noella L. Chasse (Madawaska, ME); Danielle E. Chiasson (Medway, ME); Nicole L. Cyr (St. David, ME); Kate S. Dorsey (Freeport, ME); Jessica S. Dube (St. David, ME); Stephanie L. Dube (Eagle Lake, ME); Lindsey P. Flanigan (Bath, ME); Jaymes Riley Gagnon (Madawaska, ME); Emily M. Gardner (New Sharon, ME); Cathy J. Godwin (Bryant Pond, ME); Brooke L. Harris (Lee, ME); Rebecca A. Knowlton (Greenville, ME); Rylee E. Leighton (St. David, ME); Shannon M. Leighton (St. David, ME); Nichol A. Lesperance (Jay, ME); Michelle C. Madore (Fort Kent); Twyla M. Morris (Fort Kent); Casey M. Nichols (Caribou, ME); Jacqueline N. Njebu (Mutengene, Cameroon); Sarah P. Paradis (Frenchville, ME); Amanda C. Pelletier (Madawaska, ME); Olivia A. Pelletier (Madawaska, ME); Amir W. Raad (Damascus, Syria); Whitney H. Remington (Baileyville, ME); Nicole L. Ross (Nrodgewock, ME); Janelle M. Scott (Searsmont, ME); Kathryn G. Sharp (Caribou, ME); Maryl R. Shaw (Presque Isle, ME); Laramie D. Shorey (South China, ME); Brittany M. Theriault (Fort Kent); Paige B. Theriault (Fort Kent); Danielle E. Tracy (Fort Fairfield, ME); Tiffany B. Voisine (Fort Kent); Jessica L. Walker (Fort Kent); Shellie A. Williams (Smyrna Mills, ME); and Emily J. Wright (Isleford, ME). In absentia: Berdina S. Albert (Kolonia, Federal State of Micronesia); Darleen Almen (Majuro, Marshall Islands); Masaly Andon (Pohnpei, Federal State of Micronesia); Ellen L. Bartlett (Houlton, ME); Patricia G. Belanger (Whitefield, New Hampshire); Delson Benajmin (Majuro, Marshall Islands); Monalisa Benjamin (Kolonia, Federal State of Micronesia); Sarah E. Biggs (Kennebunkport, ME); Joshua A. Briscoe (Glenburn, ME); Chelsea L. Butler (Caribou, ME); Dawn M. Callahan (Scarborough, ME); Julianna M. Castaneda (Waterville, ME); Jennie A. Charette (Frenchville, ME); Andrna E. Christopher (New York, New York); Trina L. Coffin (Stockholm, ME); Christine M. Cook (Windham, ME); Anthony P. Corbin (Sisson Ridge, New Brunswick, Canada); Pamela Dooner (Warwick, Rhode Island); Nancy-Lynn J. Edward (Pohnpei, Federal State of Micronesia); Cori L. Elliot (Bath, New Hampshire); Beroni Enne (Mayuro, Marshall Islands); Girlynn A. Gamule (Pohnpei, Federal State of Micronesia): Kelli A. Gats (Livermore, ME); June A. Gilpatric (Wells, ME); Kristie M. Harris (Waterville, ME); Harry Harry Jr. (Majuro, Marshall Islands); Meagan E. Higgins (Fairfield, ME); Lori A. Hillock (Gray); Biwij John (Delap, Marshall Islands); Deaneschson B. Kaious (Majuro, Marshall Islands); Emily L. Kelley (Portland, ME); Faye A. Kimball (Westbrook, ME); Cody L. Kochis (Greenfield Township); Normond K. Laiden (Mayuro, Marshall Islands); Sonja R. London (Merrill, ME); Kristy R. Langley (Lincoln, ME); Melissa N. Martin (Westbrook, ME); Josephine H. Matthew (Majuro, Marshall Islands); Sarah J. McConnell (Petawawa, Ontario, Canada); Roseanne McKeen (Dixfield, ME); Sally Melcher-McKeagney (Fairfield, ME); Julynn Menwe (Majuro, Marshall Islands); Lorlain G. Mikel (Pohnpei, Federal State of Micronesia); Heather L. Montgomery (Caribou, ME); Christina L. Morancie (Whitefield, New Hampshire); Alison D. Newton (Turner, ME); Lynn M. Noiles (Fairfield, ME); Arthur Olap (Weno, Chuuk, Federal State of Micronesia); Amber D. Pratt (Easton, ME); Annmary Rubon (Majuro, Marshall Islands); Brandi A. Quirk (Hampden, ME); Amy Rousseau (Lewiston, ME); Jun Samson (Ebeye, Marshall Islands); Deanne L. Sawtelle (Albion, ME) Annabelle E. Schierman (Lincolnville, ME); Christina J. Schmidt (Island Falls, ME); Sandhya J. Shanley (Old Orchard Beach, ME); Kirk J. Shively (Fort Kent); Deborah Siegal (Woolwich, ME); Kathy L.G. Smith (Damariscotta, ME); Michael A. Soucier (Holden, ME); Jamie L. Stiehl (Orono, ME); Jessica L. St. Peter (Caribou, ME); Nicole E. Swenson (Hebron, ME); Lliseva B. Tara (Kolonia, Federal State of Micronesia); Margo M. Taylor (Saint Albans, ME); Nancy M. Thomas (Kingfield, ME); Holly R. Thomerson (Irving, New York); Jocelyn M. Venable (Harrisonburg, Virginia); and Mary Victor (Pohnpei, Federal State of Micronesia).

The UMFK Nursing Division faculty and staff are: Dr. Erin Soucy: Dr. Rachel Albert, associate professor of nursing; Diane Griffin, assistant professor of nursing; Larry Nadeau, nurse resource manager; Sandy Pelletier, Fran Picard, administrative specialist II; Denise

Potvin, clinical placement and testing coordinator; Dr. Jenny Radsma; Cheryl Roberts; and Dr. Tanya Sleeper, associate professor of nursing and interim vice president for academic affairs.