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Answers to Suggestions for Blake Library

Blake Library at the University of Maine at Fort Kent is committed to providing a quality education in a supportive and friendly environment. Your comments and suggestions are both welcome and needed in order for us to accomplish this goal.

  • S: Open earlier than 1pm on Saturdays.
    • A: We have been open on Saturday mornings in the past, and the use of the library was little to none. However, we can certainly look into trying again.
  • S: No cell phones in the library. They ring loud and people talking on cell phones use a louder voice than normal. They are very disturbing to those trying to work.
    • A: Unfortunately, cell phones are a way of life these days. We have occasionally had to ask people to lower their voice. We can also ask them to move to the louder section of the library when using their cell phones. Library staff will discuss further options.
  • S: Joke Books.
    • A: I assume this means someone wants us to purchase joke books. Unfortunately, joke books do not meet our collection development policy unless it can be proved these books are necessary to support a program. However, you might check with the local library, or even request joke books online from many of the other libraries available to you in the state of Maine.
  • S: Training on use of podcasts (existing) as additional course resources.
    • A: I have no answer to this right now, but I will certainly pass on the suggestion to the appropriate people.
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