Letters to the Centennial Committee

Apostolic Delegate

Senator Edmund S. Muskie

Senator William D. Hathaway

Congressman William S. Cohen

James B. Longley, Former MaineGovernor

John L. Martin, Speaker of the House

Joseph M. Fox, UMFK President

James H. Page, Chairman, Univesity of Maine Board of Trustees

Patrick E. McCarthy, University of Maine Chancellor

Donald R. McNeil

William T. Logan, Jr., Regional Commissioner of Education

Warren G. Hill, Executive Director, Education Commission

Clifford O. T. Wieden, University of Maine President Emeritus

Dr. Ermo H. Scott, President Emeritus, Farmington State College

Hayden L. V. Anderson, Former Director of the Division of Professional Services, Maine State Department of Education

Isaie L. Cyr, President of Class 1917