Bard, Peggy -- Secretary, Registrar's Office
Belanger, Gail-- Clerk, Physical Facilities Office
Bond, Vivian Z. -- Assistant Librarian
Bouchard, Norman -- Building and Ground Maintenance Worker
Bouchard, Philip S. -- Director, Physical Facilities
Bouchard, Richard -- Building and Grounds Maintenance Mechanic and Trades Worker
Brooks, Timothy -- Dean of Student Affairs
Burns, Dr. Roland A. -- Executive Dean
Chamberland, Phillippe -- Janitor
Chasse, Lucy M. -- Mailroom-Switchboard Operator
Closser, Charles E., Jr. -- Director of Performing Arts
Cooke, Roger W. -- Assistant Professor of Sociology
Corey, Michele A. -- Personnel-Payroll Technician, Secretary, Business Manager's Office
Cyr, Muriel M. -- Book Supervisor
Cyr, Rollande M. -- Secretary, Dean of Student Affairs Office
Daigle, Cecile -- Maid
Daigle, Ida M. -- Cook I
Daigle, Lowell E. -- Lecturer in Anthropology
Daigle, Verna H. -- Administrative Assistant
Dubois, Egline Z. -- Cook I
Dubois, Hector -- Head Building and Grounds Maintenance Worker
Eastman, June M. -- Houseparent
Fong, Dr. Nelson -- Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Glover, David -- Food Service Director
Grady, Dr. T. Franklin -- Associate Professor of Psychology
Grant, Anita -- Registered Professional Nurse
Grant, Annette S. -- Secretary, Executive Dean
Grindle, Dr. Roger L. -- Professor of History, Chairman of Social Science Division
Hallee, Joseph F. -- Associate Professor of French
Harvey, Joyce B. -- Coordinator Human Services Program
Honeman, Donald M. -- Head Resident-Counselor, Director of Financial Aid
Jalbert, Frank H. -- Building and Equipment Maintenance Supervisor
Kindred, Wendy -- Assistant Professor of Art
Levasseur, Joel G. -- Bookkeeper
Libby, Debra -- Clerk-Typist, Financial Aid Office
Lichtenstein, Dr. Walter M. -- Assistant Professor of French, Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator
Martin, John L. -- Consultant
Martin, Patricia J.-- Associate Professor of English
Michaud, Cecile P. -- Cook III
Mitchel, Samuel -- Recruiter Interviewer
Morey, Dr. Verne D. -- Professor of English
Morneault, Michael -- Building and Grounds Maintenance Worker
Morrison, William P. -- Director of Admissions
Nellis, Mary K. -- Library Assistant
Nelson, Peggy O. -- Accounts Technician
Nicolas, Naomi M. -- Executive Secretary, President's Office
Olson, Dr. John O. -- Associate Professor of Chemistry
Osgood, Lowell H. -- Assistant Professor of Physical Education
Osgood, Virginia M. -- Secretary, Central Clerical Services
Owneby, Dr. Ray W. -- Associate Professor of English, Chairman of Humanities Division
Paradis, Roger -- Associate Professor of History
Peek, Presley E. -- Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Pelletier, Bernon J. -- Head Building and Grounds Maintenance Worker
Pelletier, Leueen -- Coordinator of Athletics
Pelletier, Lucille M. -- Business Manager, Director of University Relations and Alumni Services
Pelletier, Patricia I. -- Research Clerk
Pittet, Marcel -- Librarian
Plourde, Brenda -- Secretary, Admission's Office
Plourde, Eldon -- Building and Grounds Maintenance Worker
Plourde, Jeffrey J. -- Building and Grounds Maintenance Worker
Pusey, Dr. Judith K. -- Assistant Professor of Education
Raymond, Donald M. -- Registrar
Saucier, Alve -- Building and Grounds Maintenance Worker
Selva, Dr. Steven B. -- Assistant Professor of Biology
Spath, Dr. Richard J. -- President
Sylvain, Joan T. -- Lecturer in Education
Theriault, Camille -- Building and Grounds Maintenance Worker
Thibodeau, Hubert J. -- Associate Professor of Education, Director of Placement, Director of Audio-Visual Services, Director of Student Teaching, Chairman of Education Division
Thiele, Dr. Eberhard H. -- Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
Wallach, Bret -- Assistant Professor of Geography
Zimmer-Boucher, Sharon K. -- Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Chairman of Mathematics-Science Division