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First Year Experience

UMFK students attending a class

The First Year Experience meets the needs of all new on-campus students through a comprehensive approach to student success and preparation. The program is designed to introduce students to the campus and effective academic and social strategies. Students are guided to the opportunity to become self-managed, responsible and successful life-long learners through shared experiences in three areas:

  • A common learning community of linked classes with an assigned academic first year advisor
  • Integration into the greater campus community through the Passport program of activities
  • A shared common reader for critical thinking skill development and shared conversations across the campus

HUM 102 First Year Experience is designed to meet the transitional needs of a recently graduated high school student entering college for the first time. HUM 103 The Adult Learner and Transfer Experience is designed to meet the needs of an entering student with successful prior college or life experiences developed since graduating from high school.