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Disabilities Services & Accommodations

Requesting accomodations for a disability | UM at Fort Kent

The University of Maine at Fort Kent does not discriminate on the basis of disabilities in the recruitment and admission of students, the recruitment of faculty and staff, and the operation on any of its programs and activities.

Students with a documented disability, who need academic accommodations, are encouraged to meet with the Accessibility Coordinator [(207) 834-7530, Room 226 - Powell Hall] to develop a plan for their accommodations.

University of Maine at Fort Kent Procedures for Requesting Accommodations

Student accommodations will vary according to the student's needs and the specific requirements of each course or activity. Students are encouraged to request accommodations as soon as possible. On occasion, some accommodations may take several weeks to implement.

  • Students and prospective students with physical, mental or learning disabilities should contact the Accessibility Coordinator located in the Learning Center to discuss their academic needs, and the accommodation process.
  • Each student must provide current documentation of their disability and accommodation needs from a qualified medical or licensed professional evaluator if the disability is not readily apparent. This documentation should describe the nature, longevity, and severity of symptoms, as well as the impact which the disability has on the learning process. Documentation should include a diagnosis, current functional limitations, a description of current and/or previous accommodations and recommendations for current accommodations, adaptive devices and/or technology. (All documentation is confidential)

    Students may view the University of Maine System Guidelines for Documentation of a Learning Disability here.

    If the request for accommodations is for a specific course or activity that is not offered through the University of Maine at Fort Kent, the request and documentation will be sent to the office which handles services for students with disabilities on that particular campus. Students are also encouraged to contact that office directly as well.
  • Students may complete the Student Accommodation Request form or work with the Accessibility Coordinator to complete the form. Simply completing and submitting the form does not mean that the requested accommodations have been approved.
  • On the basis of the documentation, appropriate accommodations are determined by the campus-based Accessibility Coordinator, in consultation with the student's health care provider and faculty if needed.
  • When accommodations are deemed appropriate for a specific course or activity, a Letter of Accommodation will be completed by the Accessibility Coordinator and sent to the student. The student is then responsible for sharing the letter with his/her instructor(s) to ensure implementation of accommodation.
  • Some types of accommodations, such as modifications for taking exams, require ongoing discussion between student and professor to arrange specific details. Once approved by the Accessibility Coordinator, plan ahead, and be sure everyone involved knows the plan.
  • Any problems with a student's accommodations which occur during the semester should be discussed with the Accessibility Coordinator.