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About the General Studies Program

Not sure exactly where you’re headed, but want to earn some college credit while you work it out?

We’ve got a program for that. The Associate of Arts degree in General Studies is specifically designed for students who have not fully determined their educational goals but want to get started in a structured program.

You will complete a series of general education courses designed to allow you exposure to a variety of disciplines. The elective portion of the degree can be used to pursue specific interests or to select courses toward a baccalaureate degree.

Accounting Concentration

The Accounting Concentration provides the two-year student with opportunities to develop skills toward careers in Accounting. It is designed for students who seek entry level positions in accounting and business management and also serves as a gateway to a four-year degree.

Behavioral Science Concentration

The Behavioral Science concentration is designed to provide students with the foundations of the Behavioral Sciences, practical experience, and career development. Students who complete the concentration will have sufficient skills and knowledge for entry-level Human Services employment in Maine or to continue their education in the Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science program.

Business Management Concentration

The Business Management Concentration provides students with opportunities to develop skills toward careers in Business. This program is designed for the student who is unsure of completing a bachelor's degree, but needs knowledge and skills to enhance their economic opportunities. It also serves as a gateway to a four-year degree.

Computer Science Concentration

The Computer Science Concentration is designed to prepare students for careers involving computer and/or information technologies. Employers commonly include software development firms, large companies/organizations with internal departments dedicated to software development and/or computer technical support services. The degree also may serve as entry to a baccalaureate education in computer science, information technology, or software engineering.

Conservation Law Enforcement Concentration

The Conservation Law Enforcement Concentration prepares students to be entry-level conservation laws enforcement officers who will function successfully as professionals in the Maine Department of conservation, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, and other related agencies.

Criminal Justice Concentration

The Criminal Justice Concentration gives students the opportunity to take courses relevant to various careers in law enforcement and also may serve as an in-service program for law enforcement officers. The program can also serve as a gateway to the Bachelor of Science in Rural Public Safety Administration.

Human Services Concentration

Human Services Concentration prepares students for work in the behavioral health field, meeting the requirements for certification as a Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician – Community (MHRT/C) required for many jobs in applied community based work.