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Why Study French?

The study of a foreign language can be a life-changing experience. In learning to communicate with speakers of another language, we look beyond our customary borders and broaden our worldview while gaining insight into our own language and culture. Spoken by over 200 million people, French is the second most frequently taught language worldwide after English, and 28 countries around the world claim French as an official language.

The study of French at the University of Maine at Fort Kent offers students an opportunity that is unique to all of the United States - the chance to study French in a truly bilingual community. Fort Kent is located in northern Maine's Vallée St. Jean where the majority of adults are bilingual in French and English and French can be heard spoken daily on the streets and in the local shops and restaurants. Even right here on our campus a large percentage of faculty and staff are native French speakers. In addition, Fort Kent borders the most francophone region of New Brunswick, with the town of Clair, N.B. just minutes away and the province of Québec a mere ten miles north. Here at UMFK, the possibilities for authentic French communication are virtually endless.