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Violette Wilderness Camp

Violette Wilderness Camp 2

Located near the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, the facility has bunkrooms, a full kitchen and bathroom, and a large classroom area.

Violette Wilderness Camp 1

In the Summer of 2000, this newly built log structure was dedicated in honor and memory of former Maine Supreme Judicial Court Justice Elmer H. Violette, a staunch supporter of UMFK, as well as a champion of Maine's environment.

Violette Wilderness Camp 3

All facilities conform to ADA standards, and a generator located behind the main building provides electricity.

Violette Wilderness Camp 4

The location allows access to various ecosystems and is central to interesting natural and cultural features.

Violette Wilderness Camp 5

A two hour drive from campus, via the North Maine Woods' St. Francis gate over good dirt roads, the facility is ideally located for weekend or multi-day trips with student groups.

Violette Wilderness Camp 6

The wilderness camp is used for coursework, research, and extracurricular activities year-round. Students have used the facility for fieldwork in courses related to aquatics, winter ecology, wilderness ethics, and forestry.

Violette Wilderness Camp 7

With its ideal location near the Allagash River, the camp is also used as a base for canoeing and kayaking trips.

Violette Wilderness Camp 8

Each August just before the start of the semester, students enrolled in the final forestry semester at UMFK spend five days at the Elmer H. Violette Wilderness Camp.

Violette Wilderness Camp 9

Far from the distractions of civilization, students are immersed in their studies of forest ecology and silviculture in an environment similar to what they may find in their careers.

Violette Wilderness Camp 10

In addition to completing a number of interesting labs and assignments on such topics as forest soils and water quality, students also tour silvicultural operations of local land managers including Irving Woodlands and the Scientific Forest Management Area in Baxter State Park.