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About the Applied Forest Management Program

The Applied Forest Management Program takes a hands-on approach to a conservation-based career. Students in the program experience a range of forestry topics including the planting and tending of trees, species identification, measurement of standing trees and logs, timber harvesting, forest ecology and habitat management, evaluation of site and stand conditions, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The faculty have worked closely with professionals in the forest industry and the Maine Forest Service to maintain a curriculum that meets the needs of employers. Field labs often include visiting practicing foresters working for large and small landowners and Maine public lands. View the full Student Learning Outcomes here.

This degree provides a pathway to become a Maine Licensed Forester, following four years of supervised work experience. Students will also test for the S-212 Wildland Fire Chainsaws certification and a Maine Pesticide Applicator’s License.

The study of GIS includes LiDAR, Light Detection and Ranging, a laser scan of the entire landscape that reveals the details of the forest canopy and the underlying terrain. This technology is finding use in every corner of the forest industry: you will learn to quickly access, interpret, and display these data for any location in the State of Maine or elsewhere where data are publicly available.

Students may continue their studies at UMFK, usually for an additional three semesters, to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Conservation Law Enforcement with a concentration in Natural Resources, or in Business with a concentration in Forestry. These paths are designed for students with an interest in State or Federal service, or in small business ownership respectively.


logo of the Society of American Foresters

The Society of American Foresters (SAF) has awarded UMFK's Applied Forest Management Program with accreditation through 2028. This makes UMFK the only SAF nationally accredited associate forestry program in Maine and one of only two in New England. Currently, our job to student ratio is very high, and graduates from the UMFK Applied Forest Management Program consistently go on to lead successful careers in the field. It is a good time to study forest management at UMFK.

Graduate Job Placement Rates

Class Number of Graduates % Employed* % Employed in Forestry* Job Type or Title
2007 6 100% 83% foresters (x4), HS forestry/science teacher
2008 4 100% 75% foresters (x3)
2009 4 100% 100% wood buyer, forester (x3)
2010 3 100% 100% foresters (x2), wood procurement forester
2011 3 100% 100% forester, logging contractor, student
2012 4 100% 100% harvest supervising forester (x2), student, consulting forester/technician
2013 6 83% 83% harvest supervising forester, logging contractor, GIS forester, student, harvest layout forester
2014 2 100% 100% forester (x2)
2015 8 100% 80% forester (x3), logging contractor (x1), student (x3)
2016 11 81% 81% forester (x8), logging (x1), student (x1)
2017 10 86% 71% forester (x3), logging (x2), student (x3)
2018 6 100% 100% forester (x2), GIS (x1), logging (x2), student (x1)
2019 4 100% 66% forester (x2), student (x1)
2020 5 100% 100% forester (x3), full-time student (x3)

* Does not include those students who are continuing as full time students for B.S. degree