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Program Requirements

Disclaimer: The list below provides an example of requirements & suggested course sequencing for new students. Actual program requirements will vary depending on the date of enrollment in the program. Please consult the appropriate catalog for official degree/program requirements.

The Associate of Science in Applied Forest Management degree is awarded upon the completion of a minimum of 73 credit hours of the following prescribed general education, forestry and forestry concentration requirements, with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0. First aid and chainsaw safety testing must be satisfied by a “B” grade or better. The forest measurements course sequence (FOR290, 291 and 332) must be completed with a minimum grade of “C” in each course.

General Education Requirements for Associate of Science in Applied Forest Management

CRN Course Name Credits
HUM 102 First Year Experience 3 credits
I. Intellectual and Practical Skills
A. Communication (9 credit hours)
ENG 100 English Composition I (written) 3 credits
ENG 101 English Composition II (written) 3 credits
COM 200 Speech (oral) 3 credits
B. Quantitative Reasoning (3 credit hours)
MAT XXX   3 credits
C. Information Fluency (3 credit hours)
GEO 280 GIS Applications I OR  
    PSA 122     GIS/GPS for Public Safety 3 credits
*4 credits required for a baccalaureate degree.
II. General Knowledge (3 credits)
Choose one course from the listed General Education- Associate Degree in the areas Arts & Humanities or Behavioral & Social Sciences (Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Management or Rural Public Safety need ECO 101.)

Applied Forest Management Required Courses

CRN Course Name Credits
BIO 109 Dendrology 4 credits
FOR 100 Introduction to Forestry 3 credits
FOR 132 Forest Protection I (S130/S190, policy) 2 credits
FOR 242 Map & Airphoto Interpretation 3 credits
FOR 260 Silvics (Forest Ecology) 3 credits
FOR 290 Forest Mensuration 3 credits
FOR 291 Forest Measurements 2 credits
FOR 330 Forest Protection II (entomology/pathology) 3 credits
FOR 332 Forest Inventory & Analysis 2 credits
FOR 327 Interpersonal Skills for Supervisors 1 credit
FOR 360 Silviculture 3 credits
FOR 361 Silvics & Silviculture Laboratory 2 credits
GEO 103 Intro to Global Positioning Systems 1 credit

Select ONE of the available concentrations.

Wildland Firefighting Concentration Requirements

CRN Course Name Credits
FOR 214 Wildland Firefighting Skills (S211/S212) 4 credits
FOR 221 Wildland Fire Origin and Cause Determination (F1210 or S234) 3 credits
FOR 232 Wildfire Science (S215/S290) 4 credits
PSA 333 National Incident Management Systems 3 credits
FOR 297 Internship in Wildland Firefighting 6 credits
Minimum 73 credits