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Financial Aid

Questions and Answers

What is the Native American Waiver and Scholarship Program?

The Native American Waiver and Scholarship Program is a University of Maine System program with 2 parts: a tuition and mandatory fees waiver and a room/board scholarship that pays for housing costs of students who elect to live on-campus. Room charges are covered at the double occupancy rate.

What is the purpose of this program?

The purpose of the program is to encourage qualified Native Americans to pursue higher education in Maine.

Who is eligible?

Any University of Maine at Fort Kent student who is currently on the tribal census of the Passamaquoddy Nation, the Penobscot Nation, the Houlton Band of Maliseet or the Aroostook Band of Micmac,

- OR -

Any UMFK student who has been living in Maine for the 12 consecutive months immediately prior to admission AND whose parent or grandparent was either included on the census of a federally, provincially, or state recognized North American Indian Tribe/Band or Alaskan Native Corporation or else held a band number in the Maliseet or Micmac Tribes. Note: this residency eligibility is not the same as the in-state tuition residency requirement. To meet this eligibility, you may reside in Maine for any purpose.

How do I apply?

To apply for the program, meet with UMFK's Program coordinator; fill out the appropriate online applications; and fill out the FAFSA [for financial aid purposes]. The current coordinator is Dr. Mariella Squire, 207-834-7824.

What documents do I need to prove eligibility?

You must get a letter on official tribal letterhead, from your tribal clerk or equivalent, verifying your current enrolled status. If you are a child/grandchild of an enrolled person, you must provide documentation certifying your parent/grandparent's membership in a recognized group, and your lineal descendancy from your parent/grandparent [such as birth certificates]. You may also need to prove the 12-month continual residency in Maine. Your documents will be copied by the program coordinator and the originals returned to you.

Does this program apply to Canadian First Nations or to non-Maine Native tribes?

Yes, in general. To be eligible you must be a resident of Maine for the full 12 months prior to applying for the waiver and scholarship; be an enrolled member of a recognized First Nation of Canada, Alaska Native, or non-Maine U.S. tribe; or be the child/grandchild of an enrolled member.

What does the tuition waiver cover?

The Native American Waiver and Scholarship Program has 2 independent parts. The Waiver covers the cost of tuition for both full and part-time enrollments; and mandatory fees. It does not cover refundable admissions deposits, parking fines, library fines, books, or supplies.

What are the requirements for the room and board scholarship?

Apply for federal financial aid. You must fill out, sign, and return the FAFSA [Free Application for Federal Student Aid Form] available through the financial aid office. The completed FAFSA must be submitted each year to be eligible for this scholarship.

  • Be enrolled as a matriculated [admitted into a degree program] student.
  • Maintain an enrollment of a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester.
  • Reside in one of UMFK's residence halls.
  • Continue to show satisfactory academic progress as defined by federal guidelines

Are there housing costs the scholarship does not cover?

Yes. Any off-campus housing; charges incurred when the University is not in session, such as during vacations; the refundable housing deposit and any damages to university property for which the student is responsible, and housing costs for non-degree/matriculated students.

Does the Native American Waiver and Scholarship cover summer sessions?

Only partially. The tuition waiver covers both full and part-time enrollment of eligible students. However, at the University of Maine at Fort Kent, the Scholarship Program only covers room charges if the student is taking at least 1 class related to his/her degree program, and it only covers room charges for the specific summer session of that class. The student will have to arrange for meals independently.

What if I am receiving other aid?

If you receive Title IV Federal Financial Aid then, in accordance with federal policy, your financial assistance from ALL sources [the Native American tuition waiver, room and board scholarship, tribal assistance, other grants and scholarships, other agency assistance, and student loans] may not exceed the total cost of attendance.

If you have any questions, please contact the UMFK Native American Waiver and Scholarship Program Coordinator, Dr. Mariella Squire, at 207-834-7824.