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Financial Aid

Cyr Hall • University of Maine at Fort Kent • 23 University Drive, Fort Kent, ME 04743

Financial Aid Calendar and Checklist

For Financial Aid Consideration/Recipients

Best Time to Do What and Who What To Do
2018 Calendar Year
Degree Program
FA Recipients
Must be accepted in a UMFK degree program. Contact UMFK Admissions (207) 834-7600 to apply.
October 2018 - February 2019 FAFSA HELP
High school Freshmen (and others) who want to be considered for financial aid.
Plan to attend FAME Financial Aid night at your local high school to learn about the FAFSA application process. FAFSA help is also available from FAME -1-800-228-3734 / and the Fed. Info. Center at: 1-800-443-3243.
October 1, 2018 - February 28, 2019 FAFSA
Eligible students who want aid consideration
Apply for Financial Aid at before February 28, to meet UMFK’s priority filing date of March 31. Late applicants may still be considered.
December 2018 - March 1st, 2019 UMFK Scholarships
All students
Apply for UMFK scholarships from UMFK’s website: Late applicants may also be considered.
December 2018 - June 2019 (Dates Vary) Outside Scholarships
All students
Apply for outside scholarships through high school, community, and other organizations.
October 2018- March 31, 2019 Complete FA File
Eligible students who want aid consideration
Complete your financial aid file for the upcoming fall semester term. Check your TO DO List in your Student Center in MaineStreet for items being requested.
2019 Calendar Year
January - March 31, 2019
Complete FAFSA
Eligible students who want aid consideration
To be considered for financial aid for Fall 2019/Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 aid, complete your 2019-20 FAFSA at: before February 28, 2019 to meet UMFK’s priority filing date of March 31, 2019. Late applicants may still be considered.
February/March/April/May Review Award Offer OR Complete FA File
Eligible students who want aid consideration
Receive/ Review/Accept/Decline your UMFK Award Offer in MaineStreet, in your Student Center. Important: If you completed your FAFSA but did not receive an award offer, check your TO DO List in your Student Center in MaineStreet for items being requested from you to complete your file. Complete TO DO items before our priority filing date of March 31, 2019. Late applicants will also be considered.
February-May Consideration for Summer Aid
Eligible students who want aid consideration
Summer: Students planning to take summer classes that would like to be considered for summer financial aid need to complete a Summer Request form. Form is available online at: and in the aid office.
June/July/August/September Gift Money Received
FA Recipients
Report any anticipated outside assistance (i.e., not UMFK aid) to the Financial Aid Office. Provide paper copies.
March - July Review Award Offer
Eligible students who want aid consideration
View/Accept/Decline your aid offer in MaineStreet. Before accepting loans or applying for loans, consider any outside scholarships that you anticipate receiving.
March - April Promise
Eligible New Students
Return (signed) Promise Agreement if applicable.
July or earlier Student Loans
First-time loan borrowers
Students accepting a Direct Student Loan must also complete an Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note (MPN) at:
April - August Register for Classes
All students
Get registered for all the Fall classes you plan to take including 8 week session classes. Note: New students will be contacted by an academic advisor. Returning students will not be able to register for classes if their school bill is over $500.
July - Anytime BILL - Location
All students
The latest version of a student’s bill is available in MaineStreet, in the Student Center, under the Finance section. Go to “View My Bill”. Itemized amounts can be viewed under “Account Summary”. A student’s bill can be paid online in MaineStreet. Billing questions can be directed to the Billing, i.e., Business Office at: 207-834-8650.
Mid-July to August BILL
All students
If registered for Fall 19 classes, a fall semester bill will populate for viewing in MaineStreet. This bill is only for the Fall semester and does not include books. Note: there are two semesters in one academic year i.e., fall/spring. The fall semester bill will reflect (approximately) half of your academic year bill. Double your fall bill for an academic year bill estimate.
Mid-July to August UMFK COSTS
All students
Review UMFK tuition and fees(estimated) Cost Chart (from the campus website) at: Also compare your estimated costs with the aid offered to you on your Award Letter to determine if you need loans and/or have enough aid to cover your costs.
Mid-July to September Health Insurance Automatically Charged!
All students taking 9 or more credits
Health insurance costs are automatically applied/charged to a student. If you’re already covered under a health insurance plan, you can opt out of this plan. Watch for a link that will be provided to you with your paper bill. Opt out of the UMFK Health insurance by going to: For questions, contact the Business Office at: (207) 834-8650, or
Mid-July to August = Fall Mid-Dec. to Early Jan. = Spring BILL - Will you owe?
All students
If your school costs are more than the available aid, consider a payment plan Seek outside resources, campus employment, student loans, a parent Plus Loan and/or an Alternative Loan to fill this gap.
Mid-July to August = Fall Mid-Dec. to Early Jan. = Spring Payment Arrangements
All students
Make payment arrangements with the Business Office to pay your school bill before classes begin and to avoid late fees.
ASAP or at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester being impacted FA Awards are based on Full Time/Two Semesters
FA Recipients
If your enrollment is different than what your award was based on, contact the FA Office immediately.
Two weeks before the appropriate (Fall/Spring) semester begins Registering for Condensed 8 week Session Classes
FA Recipients
To be considered as part of a student’s enrollment for financial aid purposes, late start classes that begin in October and March need to be registered for by the FA Census date. The Census Date is the day after the last day to drop a class each semester. Date is available from appropriate (online) Academic Calendar. Or check with the Registrar’s Office, 207-834-7520.
1 week before the startup of a semester AID Disbursement
Eligible FA Recipients
If all requirements are met, student remains eligible, aid has been accepted by the student, and enrollment matches the financial aid figures that your award was based on, then one semester of financial aid will be disbursed to the student’s account/bill.
The first week of school (Dates of refunds can vary) Refund
Eligible FA Recipients
Financial aid will be applied to the student’s semester bill and if there is any extra money left over once the semester bill is paid, a refund will be generated. Note: Be aware that past UMFK semester bills will not automatically be paid off with a refund. Rather you will need to pay past academic year bills separately. Contact the Business Office (207-834-8650) for further direction.
Two weeks prior to the start of a semester Direct Deposit
Students anticipating refunds
Eligible students with extra funds will be issued a refund. Direct Deposit is available. To sign up go to: If you are not interested in direct deposit and have a refund coming to you, a (paper) refund check can be picked up from the Business Office. Refund checks can also be mailed to you, if you make this request to the Business Office, 207-834-8650.
August - Early September ADD/DROP Classes
All students/FA Recipients
Check academic calendar for the last day to add/drop a class. Must be done in a timely manner. FMI - contact the Registrar’s office, 207-834-7520.
Last Day to Drop a full term class
09/16/2019 = Fall 2019
02/03/2020 = Spring 2020
(dates vary each semester)
FA Census Date
09/17/2019 = Fall 2019
02/04/2020 = Spring 2020
FA Recipients
Enrollment of all semester classes must be finalized by the last date to drop a class with a full refund, for a given semester. Check the Academic Calendar online for dates and details. Or contact the Registrar’s Office at: 207-834-7520.
24/7 - Online Assistance Visit the Campus Website for Additional Information/Form
All students
Additional financial aid information, processes and forms are available from the campus website, Forms are also available from the student portal.
April - August FERPA
All Students
FERPA Privacy Act requires written authorization from the student to discuss certain matters with certain people. FERPA Release form is available online or from the Registrar’s Office, 207-834-7520.
Varies MaineStreet Help
All Students
If you are having problems logging into MaineStreet, please call our IT staff for assistance, 207-834-7818.
Varies Dropping A Class
FA Recipients
Dropping a class, but remaining enrolled has different consequences with your financial aid than dropping all classes. Consult with the Fin Aid Office.
Varies Dropping ALL classes
FA Recipients
Dropping all classes requires your aid to be recalculated based on a Federal Formula. School bill can be increased as a result. Consult with FA office. Check bill online.
Varies EXIT Counseling
FA Recipients of loans
Loan borrowers leaving UMFK or dropping to less than 6.0 credits are required to complete a Direct Loan Exit Counseling session,
Varies Waivers
Eligible Students
If eligible, please consider applying for waivers. Visit the campus website, for more information.