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Financial Services

UMFK Trustee Professorship Description and Criteria

The Trustee Professorship was approved by the Board of Trustees in July 1998. This pool of money is devoted exclusively to honoring and supporting outstanding University of Maine System faculty who are already making noteworthy contributions to academic excellence on their campuses and within the System. The Trustee Professorship awards provide release time and support for faculty to undertake research and other scholarly/creative endeavors not feasible within their normal workload. This program is designed to assist UMS institutions in recognizing, rewarding, and retaining exceptional scholars, and, in so doing, promoting excellence in teaching, scholarship, and research throughout the University of Maine System.

  • To qualify for a Trustee Professorship, a faculty member must be nominated by his/her institution.
  • There is up to $12,500 available per year
  • It is not renewable
  • It is generally awarded for a period of one year, although multi-year awards for a period of up to four years in length may be granted at the request of the nominating institution
  • Candidate must have already completed at least three years of service (faculty member may be nominated during his/her third year of service to receive the award during his/her fourth year)
  • Application must be submitted
  • Endeavor should fit within one or more of the following categories:
    • One that will have broad and/or significant institutional impact;
    • One that will contribute significantly to the candidate's academic field of study/research/inquiry/creativity and/or to the quality of teaching in that field;
    • One that will contribute significantly to the public service mission of the university through its impact on the broader community;
    • One that will support the candidate's personal and professional growth in significant ways in recognition of previous outstanding service and achievement, and future promise.

The nomination brought forward from the institution to the System Office should indicate why the nominee is particularly deserving of the Trustee Professorship. Nominations are submitted to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs who will forward them to the Chancellor with his/her recommendations regarding approval. Final approval of all nominations for Trustee Professorships will be made by the Chancellor. The Board of Trustees will receive an annual report of the names of faculty awarded a Trustee Professorship with a brief description of the scholarly work supported by the award.

Trustee Professorship Application Form