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Financial Services

Strategic Planning Special Initiatives

Description and Criteria

As a small, regional baccalaureate institution, UMFK has a distinctive mission. Its priorities are to provide students with an undergraduate experience of the highest possible quality; to preserve, celebrate, and promote the French language and the Acadian and Franco-American cultures; and to serve the public in the St John Valley, northern Aroostook County, and the State of Maine. In pursuit of its priorities and goals, the University seeks to enter into collaborative arrangements and partnerships with other educational institutions, to develop the professional skills of faculty and staff, and to maintain and optimal teaching/learning environment. The Special Initiatives Fund has been established to support the pursuit of the University's mission and associated priorities and goals as described in the Strategic Plan.

Applicants, who may be members of the faculty or staff or University offices/units, should complete an application form and return it to the President's Office. The President will have the completed application reviewed by the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, which will make funding recommendations to the President according to the following criteria:

  • How closely related is the initiative to UMFK's mission statement?
  • How closely related is it to the Priorities and Goals of the Strategic Plan?
  • How consistent is the initiative with the Key Planning Assumptions?
  • Does the initiative build on one or more of UMFK's strengths?
  • Does it help to compensate for one of more of UMFK's weaknesses?
  • Does it take advantage of one or more opportunities in UMFK's external environment(s)?
  • Does it help guard against or help protect UMFK from one or more external threats?
  • Is the initiative financially feasible in terms of UMFK's current resources (staffing, facilities, equipment, supplies, etc)? If not, is it reasonable to expect that additional resources might be available?
  • Is the need for implementing the initiative urgent?
  • Will the implementation of the initiative help to enhance the quality of UMFK in preparation for the 21st Century?

Applications for the Special Initiatives Fund may be submitted anytime during the calendar year. The initiatives themselves may begin on any appropriate date, and they may also vary in terms of their duration.

Questions or suggestions about the philosophy, purposes, or implementation for the Special Initiative Fund may be directed to the President.

Strategic Planning Special Initiatives Application Form