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Financial Services


  • Funds must be used to perform university-based research in one of the seven designated strategic research areas: aquaculture and marine sciences, biotechnology, composites and advanced materials technology, environmental technologies, information technologies, advanced technologies for forest and agriculture, and precision manufacturing.
  • Funding decisions will also take the following criteria into account: extent to which external funding sources can be leveraged, extend to which research will result in long-term, direct application to enhance Maine's economic or commercial capacity, and extent to which the research builds on a program of successful partnerships, funding and economic impact.
  • No single item or request will exhaust the supplemental funds available to the five eligible universities.
  • Projects that feature collaborative work between the university applying for the funds and the University of Maine or the University of Southern Maine will receive preferential consideration.

In addition, proposals may:

  • Take action in partnership with private enterprise, the Federal Government and private and public research institutions to:
    • Invest in applied research and development in the target areas within the UMS
    • Support the development of private enterprise based upon research and development performed within the UMS
    • Match money from any public or private source to augment state contributions to the fund
  • Purchase equipment or renovate facilities to make universities eligible or competitive for federal or private-sector funding