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Financial Services

Libra Professorships

The purpose of the Libra Professorships are to promote excellence in programs that make a major contribution in enhancing the mission of the campus; build, enhance, and provide recognition for selected programs of the highest quality; reward a program where special strength and excellence exist or encourage programs where strength and excellence are emerging; and provide students with an outstanding faculty models for teaching, research, and public service.

Nominations will be solicited from campus faculty during December and must be submitted to Academic Affairs no later than March 1. The elected LIBRA Committee will determine LIBRA invitations(s) and recommend to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. After approval by the President, Academic Affairs will be responsible for contacting successful LIBRA nominations and extending an invitation to the campus.

Nomination Process

Checklist of what to do once you've been awarded:

Before you get started:

  • Give Emily Hise a copy of your award letter and budget.
  • Emily will -
    • Give you and your AA the chartfield needed to make purchases
    • Create an excel template for you to track expenses

During the project:

  • Personal Service Contracts
    • Have presenter/speaker sign contract before coming to campus
    • W-9 Form is also required and should be mailed with the PSC
    • John Murphy signs it then
    • Have presenter/speaker added to MaineStreet Marketplace if they aren't already in there
    • Create Personal Service Contract in MaineStreet Marketplace
    • Receive against Purchase Order as payments become due
  • Track your expenses

For assistance in these steps, please contact Emily.

After the project is over and all expenses have been paid:

  • Give the completed excel sheet to Emily

For Your Information:

  • Funds need to be spent no later than June 30th of the fiscal year they are approved
  • If you cannot start/complete the project within the semester it was approved, please let Rachel and Emily know
  • When booking flights please use a travel agent so we don't end up losing the complete cost of an airline ticket if the flight gets cancelled for any reason. This can be done within Concur or by contacting Shorts Travel.

Roles in the Process:

  • Academic Affairs' Role:
    • Awarding process
    • Peggy sends award letters to faculty/staff and copies Emily
  • Emily's Role:
    • Emails faculty and AA with a copy of excel template and chartfield to be used for expenses
    • Ensures faculty are aware of the business processes involved with PSC
    • Ensures faculty are aware funds need to be used by June 30th of the award year
    • Compiling a file with project application, award letter & final expense sheet
  • Faculty/Staff/AA's Role:
    • Process all expenses
    • Use proper chartfield, including class code
    • Monitor project to ensure budget is followed
    • Complete expense sheet at the end of the project and submit to Emily

Current Libra Awards