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Financial Services

Principal Investigator's Post Award Roles

The role of the principal investigator is to direct the performance of sponsored research, instructional activities, and programs in compliance with the terms of the sponsor agreement, University policies and procedures, and applicable laws and regulations. While the project related tasks may be delegated by the PI to co-investigators, professional staff, students and other personnel associated with the project, the responsibilities outlined below rest solely with the principal investigator.

Phase of Grant Principal Investigator/Department Financial Services Office
  Responsibilities Notes Responsibilities Notes
Compliance Comply with all UMS, UMFK and government policies and procedures related to project management including, but not limited to: All UMS APL and OMB Circulars A-21A-110 and A-133 Throughout the life of the grant it is expected that the PI will execute the project as outlined in the funded proposal. Provide guidance and interpretation of award terms and conditions, UMS APL, UMS and UMFK policies and procedures, OMB Circulars, etc  
Immediately report instances of waste, fraud and abuse of funds relating to the sponsored award to the Financial Services Office. Refer to UMS APL IV-J(Reporting Workplace Wrongdoing) Take immediate action to resolve the problem or report the allegation to the Vice President for Administration. Refer to UMS APL IV-J(Reporting Workplace Wrongdoing)
Adhere to the Intellectual Property Policy and the Conflict of Interest Policy Initiate the disclosure process.    
Project Start-Up Review and approve award agreement Contact Financial Services with questions related to the timely implementation of a sponsored award agreement Receive & log award Timing is dependent upon award and amount of negotiation/revision needed, if any
Review and approve subcontracts As soon as possible    
Give a copy of the award letter and budget to the Financial Services Office As soon as possible Create project accounts and load budget into PeopleSoft Can take up to a week from the date the award is 'fully executed'
Award Management Know and comply with the terms and conditions of award share written communications with Financial Services Interpretation of terms and conditions of awards As needed
Hiring: Follow appropriate hiring procedures. Go see the Human Resources Office Train, oversee, and evaluate project staff/students subject to the plan contained in the funded proposal and the Human Resources policies and procedures.    
Ensure all federal, state, local government, and University safety policies and procedures are enforced and communicated effectively to project personnel and that all personnel supported by and assigned to the project conduct themselves in a professional manner, with respect for the rights of others with whom they interact The primary responsibility of the principal investigator is to ensure the safety of personnel and the environment. If training is necessary, it is the principal investigator's responsibility to arrange for training and to properly document that training has occurred.    
Purchasing: Comply with UMFK Purchasing Policy. Don't move, lend, lease or sell grant/university property prior to obtaining approval for the Vice President for Administration See UMS APL Section VII    
Spend according to allowable cost guidelines See UMS APL VIII-C and UMS APL IV-I Maintain an accurate record of project related expenses and retain documents that provide details on the goods & services procured to execute the project. Provide assistance in determining allowable vs. unallowable costs As needed
Budget Modification: SUBMIT request for budget revision to the grantor and give a copy of the revised budget and approval letter to Financial Services As needed Update Current Budget in GL to reflect the approved revised budget.  
Review of project account: Reconcile account. Take immediate action to resolve errors/discrepancies. Review all expenses posted to ensure they are accurate and allowable. Maintain record of review See UMS APL VIII-J The project account should be reconciled on a monthly basis. If auditors or Financial Services disallow an unauthorized expenditure, the PI is responsible for clearing the expenditure either by transferring the charge to another allowable account (e.g. the closing account) or by personally reimbursing the University. Provide the Pi with a GL printout. Monitor project activity as needed. Coordinate periodic financial reviews. Provide general guidance regarding budget review and GL inquiry. As needed
Cost Transfers: Request Project Adjustment or Labor Distribution Adjustment if necessary. Maintain supporting documentation for cost transfers subject to audit See UMS APL VIII-K Requests should be prepared and submitted as soon as the discrepancy is noted; and must be submitted within 90 days of the month-end of the originally posted charge Provide general coordination and guidance regarding cost transfers. Approve/deny cost transfer requests. Process the request if approved. As needed
Progress Reports: Prepare and submit technical and financial reports to sponsor See UMS APL VIII-J As described in award terms & conditions Provide GL report As needed
Time & Effort Reports: Review for accuracy. Approve and return to HR See UMS APL VIII-E Within 60 days of receipt. Three times per year: Spring, Summer, Fall    
Sponsor Invoicing: Submit project expenses in a timely manner. Know sponsor guidelines, only incur allowable expenses ASAP after incurred Use accurate chartfield combinations (particularly account and fund codes) See UMS APL VIII-C, and APL VIII-J  
Modification of awards: Alert Financial Services if an award needs to be modified (Including but not limited to: Change in scope of project, PI &/or key personnel, level of effort, or transfer of work See UMS APL VIII-I - Submit requests for revision of program plans, when required, to sponsor PI should report any employee change of status resulting from termination, transfer, death and illness, or anticipated sabbatical leave. Provide general coordination and guidance on program plan revision. Document requests, and subsequent action taken, of approvals for program plan revisions received from PI's As needed
Award Closeout Apply for no-cost extension if needed If needed, request extension prior to award end date. Refer to award terms. Generally a minimum of 30 days prior to end date for first time requests. Allow an additional week for processing Review no-cost extension requests  
Review expenditures; Resolve any discrepancies Prior to award end date Once project expenses have all been posted, close the project